Age Humor

389 Unforgettable Senior Moments 2017 Desk Calendar

Features an outlandishly funny mental lapse, memory-preserving tip, or quote dailyFree Digital Page-A-Day calendarSaturday and Sunday combinedObserves major holidays

60 and Still Rolling (Downhill Fast) Birthday Coupons Book

Forget that overpriced greeting card! These 50 illustrated vouchers are the perfect way to celebrate the 60s. Whether given as a lump sum or doled out like Social Security, they're sure to bring a few good laughs at the joys (and the pains) of getting old ...

Are You Turning into Your Dad Book

Are you unable to identify a single song on popular radio stations? In other words, are you turning into your dad? Dads represent everything uncool, and when you were young and oh-so-hip you vowed never to be become like yours.Helping you determine whethe ...

Greetings From Senility 2017 Wall Calendar

This touching, hilarious calendar is intended as a guide and road map for those readers of a certain age who will laugh out loud as they recognize themselves and their friends who are sharing this crazy journey of life. Featuring extra large, easy to see ...

Toddlers are A Holes Book

Hilariously honest accounts of being a parent to a toddlerWritten by Bunmi Laditan, creator of The Honest ToddlerPerfect for toddler parents, new parents, and any parent with a sense of humor