Fact Humor

11,002 Things to be Miserable About Book

11,002 Things to be Miserable About Book: 11,002 Things to Be Miserable About is a list of all the reasons NOT to wake up in the morning. Ironically enough, when you put all of them under one cover, it’s actually very funny. This decidedly absurd inv ...

Brit Wit 2017 Desk Calendar

Each day features British witSaturday and Sunday combinedIncludes International holidays

Crap Dates Book

Crap Dates Book: A good date can be exhilarating: a shared joke, an improbable spark, long moments of gazing fondly into each other’s eyes. Not so for the dating disasters featured in this collection of laugh-out-loud actual tweets about the most ter ...

Duh 2017 Desk Calendar

Over 300 days of DUH! Moments by Bob Fenster3-month Pro membership with GoComics.comBonus content on the back of each day's pageSaturday and Sunday combined

Facts Scare S#*t Out of You 2017 Desk Calendar

There are just the facts?? and then there are just the facts that will frighten the bejeezus out of even the toughest crowd. A sequel to the popular 365 More Facts That Will Scare the S#*t Out of You 2016 Daily Calendar, this little gem is packed with hun ...

Indie Cred Test Book

Indie Cred Test Book: An obsessively complete checklist of cool - covering lifestyle, fashion, music, movies, body art, and more. Pages: 192. Format: Softcover. EAN: 9780399159800

Party Like a President Book

Read details about the US presidents you've never seen in a history book!Written by Brian Abrams and illustrated by John MathiasIncludes 44 cocktail recipes inspired by each president

The Left-Hander's 2017 Desk Calendar

Includes plenty of lefty trivia, and facts on every pageEach page gives a famous lefty's birthdaySaturday and Sunday are combinedObserves major holidays

The Left-Handers 2017 Planner

Convenient right-side wire-O binding for left-handersIncludes Left-handedness facts, trivia and famous left-hander birthdaysPlanning pages on the left/Easier for left-handers to useIncludes a yearly overview

Truth Facts 2017 Desk Calendar

Comic by WuMo's creatorsEach day features a clever infographic-style comic that presents a mostly true, but completely hilarious, fact of lifeSaturday and Sunday combinedIncludes International holidays