Pug Print Scarf

This Pug print long scarf is truly a gift to all humanity. He's in your dream, your fantasy and your coziest winter night. Pug Print Scarf is 100% cotton. People claim this scarf as the vanguard of Paris Fashion Week.

Pug Puppies 2017 Mini Wall Calendar

It makes perfect sense to Pug owners that “pug” rhymes with “hug.” These sweet and affectionate dogs love to cuddle. And since Pug pupp

Pugs 2017 Hardcover Weekly Planner

A small, confident dog, the Pug is one of the world’s oldest breeds. Outgoing and playful, the Pug breed has been referred to as multum in parvo, meaning “a lot in a small space”! Wonderfully expressive Pug mugs give a whole lot of panache to this engagem ...

Pugs 2017 Wall Calendar

Features 13 full-color images of charming PugsIncludes planner pages (July-December 2016)Includes a free download of the DogDays™ appAmple space for notes, important dates, and contactsPrevious and next month viewsObserves major holidays and moon pha ...

Pugs and Friends 2017 Wall Calendar

This calendar is perfect for animal lovers, dog lovers, or anyone with a special Pug in their lifeEach month features an irresistible Pug and their palsPrevious and next month viewsObserves major holidays and moon phases

Pugs Black Socks

Pugs are so cute that even when they're ugly and googly-eyed, they're still cute! These adorable little furry friends will win your heart with one look, and you won't be able to take the socks off. If you don't like pugs, then you just don't get it! Made

Pugs Complete Pet Owner's Manual

All titles in Barron's profusely-illustrated Complete Pet Owner's Manuals introduce inexperienced and prospective pet owners to the pleasures and duties of pet care. Attractively illustrated and filled with helpful information, Barron's Complete Pet Owner ...

Pugs Just 2017 Desk Calendar

Dog lovers will love this calendarFeatures 316 imagesSaturday and Sunday combinedIncludes a sturdy stand

The Pug Book

Discover a whole new world of dogs with this revolutionary, breed- specific guides accompanied by a free DVD. Pugs are popular and lovable dogs. Learn how to provide your Pug with the best care possible, including a breed-specific diet to combat the commo ...