Just Pugs 2015 Desk Calendar

Pug lovers agree that Pugs are simply the cutest little dogs in the world! And who could argue after viewing those big, imploring eyes, compressed nose and compact little body? Over 316 full color photographs pop off the pages of this daily calendar showc ...

Just Pugs 2015 Wall Calendar

Pack four parts loyalty, affection, playfulness and pluck into one little dog body and what do you get? An adorable pug, of course! Twelve vivid, full-color photographs capture all the charm and cuteness of pugs. The large format wall calendar features da ...

Luv Pugs 2015 Wall Calendar

Inspired by her own adorable (and photogenic!) furry companions, photographer and animal lover Myrna Huijing has created this charming Studio Pets series. Pug lovers will delight in the gorgeous photography of these playful, loving dogs in this delightful ...

My Pug Lives Here Sign

Printed on weather resistant polypropylene. For use indoors or outdoors—printed with fade resistant inks. Sign can be placed in a window or fixed to a gate or door. A great gift for anyone with a Pug! EAN: 5060194111567

Pug 2015 Wall Calendar

Pug 2015 Wall 16 month calendar (September 2014 - December 2015). 13 exceptional pictures of your favorite breed shot in a studio setting.

Pug 3D Bookmark

Encourage reading with these attractive and unique bookmarks. Featuring artwork my renowned artist Royce B. McClure, a Pug and puppy are featured on this amazing 3D bookmark. This bookmark makes a great gift for readers of all ages and any dog lover.

Pug Calendar Caddy & Leash Hook

This wall mount is decorative as well as functional—you can use it as a calendar hanger and/or leash hook. The lovable breed specific décor will look great hanging on your wall. Know a fan of the breed? This makes the ultimate gift! Will hold an ...

Pug Calendar Caddy and Leash Hook

Pug Calendar Caddy and Leash Hook: A little easier to get ready for a nice walk with your pet. With their breed specific Leash Hooks that can be mounted anywhere, you can now have your pet's leash ready to go. This wood plank will certainly fit the rustic ...

Pug Canine Security Caution Sign

This popular novelty sign is made of durable sun and weather resistant polyethylene plastic. Hang in your window, on a fence or wall. UPC: 816046019605

Pug Case for iPhone 5

Pug Case for iPhone 5: Show determination. Extra thick silicone with home and volume indicators fuse form and function in this materially reimagined, sharply designed, and colorfully silhouetted new protective case for iPhone® 5/5s.

Pug Ceramic Wall Plaque

Decorate your home or office with this stylish and expertly crafted Pug Ceramic Wall Plaque from Spoontiques! For Pug lovers, this plaque will make an ideal addition to any room. A sturdy ribbon is attached allowing for instant hanging. The high-gloss cer ...

Pug Coffee Mug

Wake up with a cup of jo and enjoy the lovely morning with your hilarious pug. I Love My Pug ceramic coffee cup features double wall, which keeps your drink cold while the outside stays dry. Silicone lid helps prevent drips and mess. The perfectly designe ...

Pug Face Vintage Postcard Christmas Ornament

"Holiday ornaments are 2.5"" x 4"" and come with a ribbon for hanging. All the images are specifically chosen and placed on a vintage postcard with the stamps representing each breed's origin country. Our artist works to ensure each image is properly disp ...

Pug Face Vintage Postcard Magnet Board

"Magnet Boards are 7.5"" x 10' and come with 2 bone magnets and ribbon for hanging. They can be used as a note holder or a piece of art. All our images are specifically chosen and placed on a vintage postcard with the stamps representing each breed's orig ...

Pug Fawn Glass Ornament

"Bring man's best friend to the Christmas tree this year with the Pug Fawn Glass Ornament from Kurt Adler! A metal ring is fixed to the back of his neck to attach a hook for quick and easy hanging. This item measures 3.5"" in size and is made of glass. Th ...

Pug Freezer Mug

Drink up with this impossibly stylish pug! Pug Freezer Mug features insulated double-wall. Double wall construction keeps you drink cold while the outside stays dry. For the best results place your Freezer Mug upside down in the freezer compartment of you ...

Pug Glasses Holder

Pug Glasses Holder: These hand painted originals are sure to win over both young and old pet lovers. OptiPets Makes the perfect novelty gift for the person that has everything EAN: 5060083427236

Pug Greeting Card

Featuring an adorable Pug, this blank card connects with their recipient on a personal level. Perfect for any occasion, allowing you as a sender to really express yourself. Plus each card features fun facts and trivia on the back.

Pug Honor Bumper Sticker

"This ""My Pug is Smarter than Your Honor Student"" bumper sticker is a great way to show off your pride in how smart your favorite family member is. This humorous 3"" x 11"" vinyl sticker can be displayed anywhere." ...

Pug Key Cover

Uniquely differentiate your keys with a breed specific key cover. Our rubbery soft key covers are designed to fit most standard sized keys. These key covers are so cute, you may want to carry more keys! Includes one Pug key cover. UPC: 627660928101