Buster the Beagle

"6"" dog trots, wags it's tail, and makes woof sounds."

Beagle Pup Plush Toy

10 inches longRecommended for children ages 3 and upPerfect gift for any Beagle lover

Animal Planet Beagles Book

Beagles are obedient hounds with a solid build and cheerful spirit. Included in the complete guide is a special section that discusses effective ways to help ward off obesity in this always food-hungry breed. T.F.H. has teamed up with Animal Planet™ ...

Beagle Pen

Smooth writing roller pen featuring the Beagle paintings of the famous canine artist Ruth Maystead.

Beagle Zipper Pouch

"Beagle Zipper Pouch: A handy, attractive zippered pouch, 6.25""X4.25""and fully lined, featuring the Beagle paintings of famous canine artist Ruth Maystead. UPC: 870136000263"

The Beagle Book

Discover a whole new world of dogs with this revolutionary, breed- specific guide accompanied by a free DVD. The Beagle is a very smart dog with a high level of trainability. Learn the best training methods for embracing the Beagles cheerful, fun-loving n ...

Beagle Book

Ranked #5 in dog registrations by the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Beagle is an easygoing, family-friendly hound dog with a propensity for mischief. Beagles prefer the company of others and are generally great with other dogs. This all-inclusive guide ...

Animal Planet Beagle Book

The Beagle is a charming and lively member of the hound family. Ranked #5 in dog registrations by the AKC, this popular breed is very sociable and is happy just to be with their family pack. Originally bred as hunting dogs, Beagles are known to be active ...

Beagle Rules 2017 Wall Calendar

Perfect for dog loversJuly-December 2017 overviewEach month features adorable images of BeaglesAmple space for recording appointments, birthdays and personal remindersPrevious and next month viewsIncludes moon phases and major U.S. holidays

Beagles 2017 Mini Wall Calendar

Features 13 full-color images of adorable Beagle puppiesIncludes a free download of the DogDays™ app for the smartphone and tabletIncludes planner pages (July-December 2016)Ample space for notes, important dates, and contactsPrevious and next month v ...