Remote Control Moonlight Cushion

Made with plush white fur, this light up cushion is the fluffiest light source around! Created as an upgrade to the popular Moonlight Cushion, the new infrared remote control feature allows you to change the color, contrast and strobing of the light

Whoopee Cushion

Have fun pranking your friends with this classic gag gift! Just place it on a chair and watch the hilarious response. Fun for ages 8 and up.

Category:Gag Gifts
Bad Boss Voodoo Doll

Bad Boss Voodoo Doll: Bad boss voodoo doll whenever you feel that certain someone is taking you for granted, use one of the pins to put that person back in line. stick a pin into the activity that you want them to do, and instantly you'll start getting th ...

Walking Dead Comic Pin Cushion Zombie

Pin Cushion Zombie from the Comic Version Series 4 Includes a pitch fork, 2 hunting knives, classic Knife, kitchen knife, katana, and hatchetRecommended for ages 13 and up