Amazing Grace 2017 Wall Calendar

Amazing grace! How sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me… Hymns can touch the soul deeply and profoundly, offering comfort when needed and always praising the Lord through song. Inspired by favorite hymns, this square wall calendar features beautifu ...

Puppies As A New Pet Book

This puppy book is designed specially for use and enjoyment by beginners. Topics include: selection; puppy's needs; grooming; training; and more. Color photographs throughout emphasize the different appearances of different breeds. 64 pages.

Category:Cute Puppies
Puppy Raising and Training Diary for Dummies Book

Puppy Raising and Training Diary for Dummies Book: Puppyhood is the most delightful - and difficult - period in your dog's life. But don't sweat it! Filled with savvy tips and practical suggestions, this handy journal allows you to easily record your pupp ...

Category:Dog Training