Garden Goodies 1000 Piece Puzzle

Garden Goodies 1000 Piece Puzzle: Fall brings a harvest of goodies and Garden Goodies has some delights to choose from. Fresh berries, tomatoes and peppers nestle in baskets and bowls surrounded by Black-eyed Susans and other autumn-colored flowers. The c ...

Joy Around the World 1000 Piece Puzzle

Joy Around the World 1000 Piece Puzzle: It's Christmas time and Santa is planning his route! This richly textured and detailed puzzle brings the idea of Santa's travels even closer. This is a great Christmas puzzle complete with hidden details and all the ...

Coca Cola Christmas 1500 Piece Puzzle

Coca Cola Christmas 1500 Piece Puzzle: A Coca-Cola Christmas features years of nostalgic Christmas ornaments and advertisements created by Coca-Cola. A truly interesting piece of history, this puzzle is perfect for Coke enthusiasts and anyone who loves a ...

Cupcakes 350 Piece Puzzle

Cupcakes 350 Piece Puzzle: It's a bakery of cupcakes that's arrived fresh to your table! Swirls of icing, dots of sprinkles and lots of candy violets decorate cupcakes baked in purple, polka dotted cups. Looking pretty as well as pretty delicious, Cupcake ...

Treats and Sweets 1000 Piece Puzzle

Treats and Sweets 1000 Piece Puzzle: This one will bring back the memories of baking in your mother's kitchen. A collage of homemade goodness! A Best Selling 2009 Winter/Spring Collection Puzzle. © Rachel Perry, OnlyByDesign

Fruit Flavors 500 Piece Puzzle

"Fruit Flavors 500 Piece Puzzle: The more colorful the candy, the better the puzzle image it will make! Fruit Flavors is no exception to this rule, as the strong textures and patterns had one reviewer saying, ""I love the color and the yummy deliciousness ...

Apple icious 500 Piece Puzzle

Apple icious 500 Piece Puzzle: Apple-icious! was developed and photographed by the puzzle-geniuses at Springbok! The beautifully decorated apples are the focus of this holiday puzzle image, but the true enjoyment of this puzzle can be found in the minute ...

Seams Likely 350 Piece Puzzle

Seams Likely 350 Piece Puzzle: Needles and thread. Tape measures and stick pins. Whether you are patching torn jeans, hemming a skirt, or adding a little something special for trim, these are the simple tools that have filled generations of sewing boxes. ...

State Plates 400 Piece Puzzle

State Plates 400 Piece Puzzle: Quick! How many states can you name and locate correctly? State Plates can help you out as it is made out of state license plates! This puzzle is a colorful and contemporary image that takes you on a fun road trip of the 48 ...

Category:Scenic America
Everything's Ducky 60 Piece Puzzle

Everything's Ducky 60 Piece Puzzle: A rainy day still can be a lot of fun, especially with this charming children's puzzle of puppies under an umbrella watching a cute, yellow duckling splash in the rain. Like all Springbok children's puzzles, it is desig ...

Category:Yellow Labs
Cobblestone Village 500 Piece Puzzle

Cobblestone Village 500 Piece Puzzle: Looking back to the clip-clop of horse-drawn carriages and the golden glow of gas-lit lanterns, Cobblestone Village tells the story of a summer's day in a different time. Flowers bloom in this idyllic village as ladie ...

Harvest Colors 1500 Piece Puzzle

Harvest Colors 1500 Piece Puzzle: The vibrant colors of an autumn harvest come to life in this richly textured puzzle. The detail found in this puzzle image is astounding, as it allows puzzlers to clearly see the grain of the wood, the fiber in the basket ...

Sew Crafty 500 Piece Puzzle

Sew Crafty 500 Piece Puzzle: Sew Crafty is the 2013 winner of the Springbok Image Contest! Submitted by Ada Montalvo, this image features an eye-catching array of colors, making this a delightful 500 piece puzzle. Perfect for anyone who wants a colorful c ...