The Hare & The Tortoise Game

The tortoise accepted the hare's demand for a rematch, and the news spread throughout the country. The great race was about to commence, and all the participants were finally ready for this big showdown. Who will be the fastest runner in the woods?

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Turtles and Tortoises 1000 Piece Puzzle

"Turtles and Tortoises 1000 Piece Puzzle: Featuring 25 turtle and tortoise species, along with the different types of paws and the movements of the neck, this fascinating puzzle is fun and educative. UPC: 628136630078 "

Tortoise in a Sweater 2017 Wall Calendar

Have you ever dreamt of dressing up your pet tortoise? People are starting creating sweaters for pet tortoises to keep track of them while they were out of their cage stretching their legs in the yard. Though they may move slowly, the color of their shell ...