Smithsonian World War II The Definitive Visual History

A comprehensive guide to every facet of World War IIEvents presented chronologicallyIncludes maps, uniforms, weapons, timelines, and features on life on the Home Front

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Remember the Forties Book

Remember the Forties is a unique account of the moments of the greatest and most graphic images of the age, revealing the best and worst of a turbulent era: from battlefield to beauty salon, from blacked-out streets to the glittering screens of Hollywood. ...

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Axis and Allies Pacific 1940 Second Edition Game

Play with the updated rules from the anniversary edition of the gameFeatures 2 new combat units: Tactical Bombers and Mechanized InfantryComes with 2 new allies: Australia and New Zealand2-4 players ages 12 and up

Haruyo Morita Higasa 1000 Piece Puzzle

Many of Haruyo's paintings hail from her deep appreciation of the style, flamboyance and drama of Kabuki theatre. Haruyo herself trained for many years as a Kimono painter under rigorous schooling. This training naturally imbued her with many of the desig

World War II 2017 Wall Calendar

Perfect for the history buffsPrevious and next month viewsObserves international holidays and moon phases

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WWII Tanks 1000 Piece Puzzle

"WWII Tanks 1000 Piece Puzzle: EuroGraphics Tanks of WWII 1000-Piece Puzzle Box size: 10"" x 14"" Puzzle Dimensions: 19.25"" x 26.5"" A comprehensive look at the tanks tanks of WWII, and the vehicles that took us into the one of the greatest wars in histo ...

Warbirds of WWII 2017 Wall Calendar

Artwork by Ron ColeJuly-December 2016 overviewAmple space for recording appointments, birthdays and personal reminders

WWII Military Aircraft 2017 Mini Wall Calendar

Photography by Phil WallickIdeal for small spaces such as lockers and office cubiclesJuly-December 2017 overviewPrevious and next month views

Rosie the Riveter 1000 Piece puzzle

"Rosie the Riveter and her ""We Can Do It"" is commonly used as a symbol of women's first economic power that started in during WWII. This 1000 piece puzzle is the perfect replica of Rosie the Riveter campaign."