Sex! Dice Game

The Sex! Dice game is perfect for adventurous adults. The red die instructs you what to do, the pink die determines how long you do it and the roller decides who assumes each position. For ages 18 and up.

Category:Adult Games
Highway 420 Magnet

A graphic Highway 420 sign for your magnetic surfaces!Perfect for the fridge or any other magnetic surface that needs some excitementMagnet is strong and won't slip

Category:Mature Humor
Marijuana for Everybody 2017 Desk Calendar

Based on the book Marijuana for Everybody! by High Times MagazineFeatures an informative and entertaining bit daily to answer your questions about the weedSaturday and Sunday combined

Category:Mature Humor
Crap Dates Book

Crap Dates Book: A good date can be exhilarating: a shared joke, an improbable spark, long moments of gazing fondly into each other’s eyes. Not so for the dating disasters featured in this collection of laugh-out-loud actual tweets about the most ter ...

Category:Fact Humor
Pickups & Come-Ons Book

Approaching that hottie over there requires more than courage—it takes the right words. Sometimes, however, exercising the organ between your ears is too much work; instead, use Pickups & Come-Ons for All Occasions to sweet-talk with class or crass. ...

Category:Mature Humor
OMG Book

You are mistaken for a prostitute... You fart during yoga class... Your boyfriend has been posting pictures of his penis online... And all you can say is OMG! But then what? In this laugh-out-loud funny guide, gossip queen Deborah Baer gives you the wilde ...

Category:Mature Humor
Battle of the Sexes Game

Battle of the Sexes Game is the party game that lets you show what you know about the opposite sex. It's men vs. women in a challenge to answer 5 question categories: FACTS, PICS, STUFF, MOVES, & LIVES. Are you ready to prove which sex is superior?Content ...

Category:Mature Humor
Wacky Weed Farms 2017 Wall Calendar

Celebrate the versatile, medicinal marijuana plant in this playful, colorful homage to weed. If you have the munchies, we know why. Sixteen-month Wall Calendars feature 13 spreads to highlight each month in 2017, as well as the last four months of 20

Category:Mature Humor
Cheech & Chong Mug

Got the munchies? You need something to wash it down and this Cheech & Chong mug fits the bill perfectly! Whether you use our 11 oz mug to hold your favorite beverage, pens/pencils on your desk, loose

Category:Mature Humor
100 Questions About Sex Book

100 Questions About Sex Book: Playful and provocative, this collection of 100 sex questions provides a surefire way for lovers to turn up the heat. With a range of thoughtprovoking conversation starters that fall into one of three categories—X, XX, o ...

Girl Power Mechanics 100 Piece Puzzle

Girls can and do everything, including mechanic works! Get dirty and crank out good works with this colorful 100-Piece puzzle. Strong high-quality puzzle pieces. Made from recycled board and printed with vegetable based ink. This superior quality puzzle w

Category:Kids Puzzles
Daily Stoner 2017 Desk Calendar

Stoner quotes, trivia and historical facts, even recipes are included. So whether you inhale, or not, you'll be a connoisseur of the world's favorite recreational plant in no time!Publisher: Sellers Publishing IncFormat: DeskTime Span: 12 Month Standard

Category:Mature Humor
Rotten Apples Party Game

Rotten Apples party game is a hilarious adult party game that takes your to the limit! Combine green answer cards and brown prompt cards to complete phrases that are funny… provocative… and irreverent! You'll discover your friends are more sugge ...