Thankful to Have You Sister 2017 Mini Wall Calendar

2017-2017 overview on back of calendarPrevious and next month viewsPrinted on non-coated high quality paperIncludes major U.S. and international holidaysAmple space for recording appointments, birthdays and personal reminders

Someecards Relationships 2017 Wall Calendar

A hilarious relationship-themed calendar that features 13 unique images with humorous words Printed on a glossy paper stock suitable for pen and pencil note taking Large, functional grids ideal for scheduling and planning Previous and next month views In ...

My Cat Loves Me Naked Book

My Cat Loves Me Naked Book: Cats are great companions. They are a constant source of inspiration and entertainment, and a joy to live with. Cats don’t start fights, they don’t yell at you and they don’t stop talking to you for no reason. Th ...

Category:Funny Cats
50 Ways to Say You're Awesome Book

50 Ways to Say You’re Awesome Book: With incredible art and unique messages, each tear-off page of this gift book contains a new way to say “You’re awesome.” Tear out the perforated page, add a personalized missive on the back, and giv ...

To My Son I Love You 2017 Wall Calendar

Written by Susan Polis SchutzEach month is accompanied with an illustration by Stephen SchutzYearly overview on back of calendarPrinted on non-coated high quality paper

To My Daughter with Love 2017 Planner

Written by Susan Polis SchutzEach week is accompanied with an illustration by Stephen SchutzWeekly and monthly formatPrinted on non-coated high quality paper

The Big Book of Relationship Quizzes

Relationships not only define who we are, they are the source of our deepest happiness. The 100 entertaining and enlightening quizzes collected here will help you explore who you are and how you relate to those around you. They provide a quick way to exam ...

Category:Women's Humor