Paradise Designs Coloring Book

Retreat to a Garden of Eden–like setting with 31 gorgeous images to color. Intricate in their details, the black-and-white drawings feature lush vegetation and exotic bird and insect life in scenes of an earthly paradise. Pages are perforated and pri ...

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Candy Crush Coloring Book for Grown-Ups

An adult coloring book based in the world of Candy Crush--the massive online gaming sensation. Candy Crush Saga fans have their own opportunity to bring the Candy Kingdom to life by indulging in this year's most mindful of pursuits, coloring. The Candy C ...

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Color Your World 2017 Desk Pad

"12"" x 17"" format contains 12 monthly sheetLarge calendar grid with ample room for writing down appointmentsDrilled hanging holes provide for easy wall hangingPrevious and next month views"

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Pencil Crayon Tin

These 24 colours (12 dual coloured pencil crayons) are pre-sharpened with bright, intense colours that lay down smooth. Each pencil crayon is stong and durable and comes in a colorful hard tin case.

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Mega Sidewalk Chalk

Mega Sidewalk Chalk fulfills your spontaneous urgency for that endless creativity. With five different colors, the world is your canvas.

Flowers Monthly2017 Pocket 2017 Planner

January 2017-December 2017 in a monthly formatComes with a vinyl sleeve for durabilityPrevious and next month viewsPocket size for easy portability

Spring Arly Jones 1000 Piece Puzzle

Beautiful and detailed illustration comes together as you assemble this puzzle1000 pieces is a fun challengeImage is printed in amazing detailPuzzle pieces are durable and strong

Caring for Your Aging Cat Book

"Since cats have a natural talent for looking better than they feel, it may surprise owners to learn that felines are considered ""senior"" at 7 and ""geriatric"" at 14. This invaluable guide explains such things as how to help an older cat with grooming, ...

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Review of My Cat Book

Review of My Cat Book: From the creators of the hilarious site comes a book featuring the cutest, meanest, and most hilarious cats around! Whether their typing skills earn an F in usefulness or their secret plans to smother earn an A in huggability, cats ...

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Music in Art  2017 Wall Calendar

Painters have long been drawn to musicians as subjects for portraiture. The absorption in their art is quite tangible and translates to the canvas with an intensity that makes the viewer almost hear the music.

Spring Trees 160 Piece 3D Puzzle Vase

"Includes 160 curved pieces to create a vaseComes with a removable water cup and a standFunctions as a real vaseMeasures 4.5"" x 9.5"" when complete"

Cats Coloring Book

Pick up your coloring pencils and escape into peace and calm. How can you free yourself from niggling everyday worries? When your mind is distracted simply pick up this collection of 70 intricate designs inspired by cats and reach for your coloring penci ...

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Cats Ragdoll 2017 Wall Calendar

Each month features an image of this lovable feline with blue eyes and a distinct colorpoint coat12 photos of the adorable Ragdoll catPrevious and next month grids on each pageMonths and days of the week are presented in six languagesMajor holidays includ ...

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Meet Me in the Meadow 2017 Wall Calendar

Follow Him into the meadow--into the quiet place, the resting place, the safe place--where your heart will be comforted, where your love will be deepened, where your faith will be strengthened, where your soul will be renewed.

Midnight Garden Coloring Book

Coloring's not just for kids anymoreTons of floral designs with intricate details to colorEach image has a dramatic black background to make colors pop

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Creative Haven Entangled Coloring Book

Coloring's not just for kids anymoreOver 30 designs with intricate details to colorPerforated pages for easy removal and displayPerfect for artists, doodlers, and anyone in between

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Creative Haven Square Mandalas Coloring Book

Features 31 striking square-shaped patternsPerforated pages for easy removal and displayA great way to relax and reduce stress

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Crazy Paisley Coloring Book

Coloring's not just for kids anymoreTons of patterned designs with intricate details to colorPerfect for artists, doodlers, and anyone in between

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Pixelations Coloring Book

Color one square at a time or several!Features different images such as snowflake, train, castle, and moreA great way to relax

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Vive Le Color Vitality Color Therapy Kit

Includes a 96-page coloring book, 8 colored pencils, and a pencil sharpenerTop-bound coloring pad - perfect for right- and left-handed coloristsIncludes detachable sheets to display or share at coloring partiesCompact size with thick backer board for conv ...

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