Rudenko's Mosaic Puzzle

Square up to Rudenko's Mosiac! Slide a series of 16 squares to form one of 40 colorful patterns. The trick is that each row only has one way to move the squares in and out! Two different sides offer twice the number of challenges in a compact design. A pe ...

Category:Kids Puzzles
Hanayama Vortex Puzzle

"The three pieces of this challenging puzzle each have a spiral body. When assembled, the pieces form a unified flat object. In order to undo this complex entanglement, it will be necessary to unbind them three-dimensionally. Here's a small hint for Akio ...

Visual Brainstorms Game

Smart Thinking Game comes with 100 puzzle cardsFeatures engaging illustrationsBonus questions on each card

Category:Kids Games
On the Dot Brainteaser Puzzle

"See spots like never before! In this amazing On The Dot brainteaser, try to arrange four transparent squares so they perfectly line up to match the dots shown on the pattern card. Flip, rotate, and overlap the squares to make a ""spot on"" copy. The chal ...

Category:Kids Games
Puzzlers Ball and Chain

"Our popular line of metal Puzzlers are beautiful and intriguing. Engage your mind as you work to find the solution to disentangle these puzzles. They come in a variety of difficulty levels that are increasingly challenging. This Ball and Chain Puzzle is ...

Smart Egg Medieval Dragon Challenging Labyrinth Puzzle

Complete by starting with the wand on the top and coming out on the bottomIncludes 2 layers of labyrinth for a harder mind-bending challengeGreat for puzzlers ages 10 and up

Category:Asian Art
Rubiks Cube 4 x 4

Building on the classic 3x3 design, this super model is 4x4! What's puzzling is that it's not harder to solve than the original cube, but it does require some different twists and turns. Can you handle it? For ages 8+

Hanayama Nutcase Puzzle

"The ""nuts and bolts"" appearance may lull you into believing this to be a straightforward puzzle, but it is a total brain drain. Inventor Oskar van Deventer presents two challenges: 1) remove the small nuts by disassembling the nutcase, and 2) change th ...

Rollercoaster Metal Puzzle

Engage your mind with this metal puzzleCross puzzle is at the advanced levelConstructed with metal and wooden pieces

Coco Cross Block Puzzle

Roll up your sleeves for this mind-bending rolling Coco Cross Block Puzzle! Choose a level and then try to maneuver a block from start to finish by rolling it across the grid. You'll need your best spatial thinking skills to block out the obstacles and ro ...

Category:Kids Games
Nuts 'N Bolts Chain Gang Brain Game

"Nuts 'N' Bolts Chain Gang Brain Game: In this series, you will be dealing with nuts and bolts and some occasional handcuffs. These nuts and bolts are the hardware for your brain. Challenge yourself mentally with our brain teaser games. Your ""simple"" t ...

Noggin Noddler Rings Game

Noggin Noddler Rings Game: The objective of this game is simple: Remove the metal rings. Good Luck!

Heavy Metal Sly Fox Puzzle

Exercise your mind and brain with our Heave Metal series puzzles. Can you wiggle your way out of this fox hole? Find out in Heavy Metal Sly Fox puzzle.

Heavy Metal Starstruck Puzzle

Try a challenge that has stumped the most brilliant of minds through the ages. Heavy Metal puzzles are beautifully crafted and include a stand for display. Brute force is no asset as you try to separate the pieces. Find out in Heavy Metal Starstruck Puzzl

Pyraminx Game

Pyraminx Game: Standing the test of time, PYRAMINX is still popular after being invented 42 years ago by the world-renowned inventor Uwe Meffert. A worldwide best seller, this puzzle will engage your imagination and brain with its fascinating look and puz ...

Hanayama Claw Puzzle

Hanayama Claw Puzzle: Can you take the Claw apart? Now try and put it back together! Akio Yamamoto of Japan designed this marine mystery. And with patience and persistence, the secrets of removing the ring may be discovered. UPC: 023332308729

Hanging Judgo Metal Puzzle

Engage your mind with this metal puzzleHanging Judgo is at the advanced levelConstructed with metal and wooden pieces

Hanayama U and U Cast Puzzle

Level 4: ChallengingHard to take it apart, but more challenging to put it back togetherMade of cast metalSpend hours with this brain teaser

Brain Games 2017 Desk Calendar

Games include Countdown, Embroidery, The Right Count, and Decipher, ranging in difficultySaturday and Sunday are combinedObserves major holidays