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It's free, with no spyware or viruses, does not open pop-up ads or hijack your searches and no personal information is required. View the toolbar privacy policy here.

Today's Date
How often do you have to click on the time in the task bar to see today's date? Have today's date always displayed in the uppper right of your browser - no matter where you are on the web. Click on the date to view the whole year at a glance.

Calendar Calculators
Use our date calculators right from the toolbar - instantly find the number of days between two dates, the day of week for any date, and convert between many different calendar systems - all without leaving the site you are on.

Calendar Maker
Instant access to our calendar maker where you can view or print a calendar for any month or year. Even put a photo on it if you want!

Today in History
What happened on this date in history? Instant curiousity gratification.

The Best of
Instant access to the most popular pages on our site including our calendar calculators, converters, web calendar, and more.

Search, any site, or the Internet from anywhere. Also access maps, dictionary, encyclopedia, and much more.

A quick glance will show the current temperature and conditions. Click to view forecast.

Pop-up Blocker
Eliminate those annoying pop-up ads.

Remove components you don't want or add a gadget from 100's that are available on the Internet.