Day of Week Calculator
It used to be that finding the day of week for an old date was complicated and time-consuming, but not now! We take into account many historical complications.
Number of days between two dates
Calculate the number of days between any two dates. Also shows total hours, minutes, and seconds. Now includes several additional methods of day counting including 30/360.
Add or subtract years, months, and days from a date
This one is good for researching old gravestones that sometimes say something like "Lived 38 years, 2 months, and 5 days". This calculator will allow you to determine the date of birth.
Add or subtract a number of days from a date
Yep, we do that too!
Like Years or What years does date land on a ____?
Does your birthday land on a Thursday this year? Ever wonder when it will land on a Thursday again?
Convert a Date
Convert dates to and from many different calendars systems including Gregorian, Julian, Julian Day, Hebrew, Islamic, Persian, Kurdish, Afghan, Mayan, Bahá'í, Indian, French Republican, and more.