Asking for a Friend 2020 Wall Calendar

Is it socially acceptable to eat your weight in queso? Asking for a Friend asks the irreverent questions of your subconscious with a blend of retro flair and snarky sass that never goes out of style. This full color, large format calendar includes large d ...

Maxine 2020 Desk Calendar

Get cranky and get laughing with Maxine! Her quips about aging, the workplace, retirement, political correctness and, of course, sex (or the lack of it!) will keep you laughing all year. This year, daily desk calendar is 5.5' x 5.5' and comes with an atta ...

Maxine 2020 Mini Wall Calendar

Maxine's (bad) poetry is sure to keep your year full of wit and laughs. Enjoy her sass with a twist of metrical composition. This year, 12-month, mini wall calendar measures 7' x 7' and includes thirteen, full-color Maxine illustrations and bad poetry exc ...

Maxine Planning 2020 Wall Calendar

All the cranky humor you love and expect from Maxine in a large-grid planning format. The calendar grid spans the entire 24' (h) x 12' (w), opened two-page spread and has vertical and rectangular daily planning space, perfect for your busy life. This year ...

Shoebox 2020 Desk Calendar

Start your day with a smile. Shoebox cards have been a way of sharing laughter and smiles for years. Now the hilarity is in a desktop calendar for laugh-out-loud fun! This year, daily desk calendar is 5.5' x 5.5' and comes with an attached easel to sit on ...

Sketchy Chics 2021 Desk Calendar

Whether you’re just having one of those days, or really need a good laugh, the Sketchy Chics Boxed Calendar offers a collection of hilariously ‘laugh-out-loud’ sayings accompanied by humorous artwork each day! This boxed calendar features over 300 days of ...

The B Word 2020 Wall Calendar

Have something on your mind, but not quite sure how to say it? Let this calendar say it for you! The retro women featured here are not afraid to speak their minds, and they deliver a bold, brazen dose of humor every month. Come on, ladies, acknowledge you ...

Womens Wit 2020 Mini Wall Calendar

The Womens Wit calendar welcomes you into the wonderful and wacky world of women. With funny photos and pithy quotes, this calendar will remind you of the connections among women and of all we share with our girlfriendsthe laughs, the advice, the companio ...