Cartoons from The New Yorker Planner

Let the cartoons from The New Yorker keep you entertained and organized every week throughout the year. The Cartoons from The New Yorker 2020-2021 16-Month Weekly Planner Calendar contains an amusing cartoon from The New Yorker each week from September 20 ...

Close to Home Desk Calendar

John McPherson's sense of humor is like no other. His zany comics featuring his odd-looking characters in crazy, yet familiar situations have kept millions of readers entertained for more than 25 years. Each daily page features one of John's favorite and ...

Crack Desk Calendar

Award-winning cartoonist and creator of Crack, Eric Decetis is the first to admit that he?s a little cracked. The daily Crack Calendar features over 300 of Eric?s funniest cartoons. You won?t be able look through them without cracking a smile! Small but i ...

DC Comics Vintage Wall Calendar

Witness the Golden Age of Comics as it evolves into the Silver Age with this collector?s edition of Vintage DC Comics and takes a nostalgic journey to the past. Memorable characters from Batman and Robin, to The Flash and Green Lantern, leap through time ...

Dilbert Desk Calendar

Enjoy a full-color Dilbert cartoon on each page of this Dilbert Day-to-Day calendar. Dogbert's personality tests might suggest that Alice is angry, Wally is lazy, and Dilbert is boring, but together, they form a unified team. A highly dysfunctional, unifi ...

Dilbert Planner

The spiral-bound Dilbert monthly/weekly 2021 planner effortlessly lies flat, and the bright, graphic cover can be folded around to take up less space on your desk. It includes twelve monthly grids, and each weekly spread features a Dilbert Sunday cartoon. ...

Dilbert Wall Calendar

Each monthly spread of the Dilbert 2021 Wall Calendar features a bright, graphic image of a favorite Dilbert character and a stand-alone quote, plus the strip where the quote appeared. A free file folder is included in the calendar.? The Pointy-Haired Bos ...

Far Side Desk Calendar

Every once in a great while, there's a gargantuan cosmic convergence, a calendarious alignment of epic proportions, a deafening echo in the continuity of time when the days and dates of one year exactly match those of a year in the far distant past. And i ...

Far Side Wall Calendar

It?s a universally acknowledged truth that the best things come in dozens: eggs, disciples, uhh . . . lots of other stuff. Now, thanks to The Far Side? After Hours Wall Calendar, you can enjoy twelve months of wickedly funny and brand-new TheFar Side? car ...

Fred Basset Desk Calendar

Anyone who has ever been a ''''dog's best friend'''' will recognize and love Fred Basset. The star of the classic comic strip?and world's favorite basset hound?appears in his first day-to-day calendar! With its charming illustrations and Fred's wry and wi ...

Garfield Desk Calendar

Who's the coolest cat ever? Garfield, of course! And the tubby tabby is here to make you laugh in the Garfield 2021 Day-to-Day Calendar from creator Jim Davis. ? Each page of this daily calendar shows a full-color Garfield comic strip, featuring the wacky ...

Get Fuzzy Desk Calendar

Between his filmmaking, his public access TV show, and his wacko inventions, it's surprising that Bucky Katt has time to terrorize housemates Rob and Satchel Pooch, but somehow he manages. He's in full multi-tasking mode in this Get Fuzzy 2021 Calendar fe ...

Hounder Wall Calendar

This playful take on dating for dogs is exactly what the world needed. Each month features a profile picture and bio of a pet sharing hilariously random personal details and hoping to make a connection with that special someone out there. Paw left or paw ...

Liz Climo Engagement

A charming and humorous engagement calendar to launch our line of formats featuring bestselling comics artist Liz Climo?s short and sweet comic strips about animals and their funny yet honest exchanges in the face of life?s everyday eccentricities. This p ...

New Yorker Cartoons Desk Calendar

Laugh your way through the year with the whimsical, provocative, and laugh-out-loud funny cartoons from The New Yorker magazine. The Cartoons from The New Yorker 2021 Day-to-Day Calendar features the best and funniest cartoons from The New Yorker on topic ...

Non Sequitur Desk Calendar

The Non Sequitur calendar offers a daily dose of offbeat humor that is both provocatively insightful and undeniably funny. Recognized as one of the most consistently and comically inspired cartoons of the last twenty-five years, Wiley Miller's award-winni ...

Patterson Skiing Wall Calendar

Gary Patterson Skiing Calendar! Things are certainly going downhill as Gary Patterson takes his brush to the winter slopes to illustrate the follies and foibles of snow skiing. Twelve cheerful paintings bring humor and warmth to this cold weather sport. T ...

Peanuts 2 Year Pocket Planner

Ready to tote along any adventure, our 2- Year Planners are the perfect accessory for busy on-the-go lifestyles. This planner is perfect to carry and easily helps to keep track of important dates, contacts, and other events at a glance. Each calendar mont ...

Peanuts Family Planner Wall Organizer

Keep track of busy schedules throughout the year with the Peanuts family planner wall calendar. 800 appointment and reminder stickers for all occasions, and encouraging Scripture, this 12-month inspirational wall calendar is the perfect gift for busy fami ...

Peanuts Happiness Is Wall Calendar

Over the past 50 years, and from generation to generation, Charles Schulz?s characters have filled our hearts with joy. The PEANUTS? calendar celebrates the famous ?Happiness is?? series, with a ?Happiness? quote and drawing each month to illustrate the m ...