Black Lab Retriever 2020 Wall Calendar

With their shiny black coat, big brown eyes, and sweet disposition, Black Labs are hard to resist. These intelligent, playful animals bond immediately with people and other dogs. They crave attention and are full of love and devotion. This square wall cal ...

Just Lab Black Puppies 2020 Wall Calendar

These twelve adorable black Lab puppy photographs bring you a years worth of cold noses and warm hearts! The large format, full color photographs also features daily grids providing ample room for jotting appointments, birthdays and personal reminders. Al ...

Lab Retriever Black Puppies 2020 Wall Calendar

Very energetic, maybe a little clumsy, but absolutely adorable, Black Labrador Retriever puppies play and play until theyor more likely youare worn out. These dogs are very easy to train, and will mature into patient, loving, and faithful friends. Black L ...