Australian Shepherd Puppies 2024 Wall Calendar

2024 American Shepherd Puppies Calendar! Also known simply as "Aussies" the Australian Shepherd was bred in the United States, not in Australia, contrary to popular belief. Australian Shepherds are extremely intelligent dogs with a strong desire t ...

Just Australian Shepherd Puppies 2024 Wall Calendar

They may look like roly poly balls of fluff, but Australian Shepherd puppies learn early on that their intelligence and sparkly eyed smiles will get them nearly anything they want. Once it's understood that all the toys from the doorknobs down are theirs, ...

Just Australian Shepherds 2024 Wall Calendar

Australian Shepherds are known for their intelligence, trainability, high energy and playfulness. While they make terrific pets, they are also highly valued by ranchers for their inherent herding traits and willingness to please. Twelve delightful ?Auss ...