Awards we have won!

2001 is proud to have been named
the Official Calendar to the year 2000
and the New Millennium!

Take 5 Award

Neilson Bronze Award

StarSaber Award

Critical Mass Award

Family-Friendly Award

Thank you to all of you who have bestowed upon us awards, those who have had kind words, and to everyone who visits our site. :-)

- Justin White, Webmaster


We found a picture of my parents. We did not know what year it was taken. In the picture there was a calendar with February 8, Tuesday. We went searching the net, found your site and it gave us the answer we needed. So now that we found you, we are marking it as one of our favorite sites to visit when we need it. You don't know how thankful we are that we were able to find the year on this picture. Again THANK YOU!!!!!!

- Nancy L. Barrow

I love this site!! I was looking for a calendar and I really found one this time!! It is wonderful--I have it bookmarked for future use. Great job--this is just what we needed on the Net!!

- Michelle Wright of Digitel.Net-Webpage Design

I wanted to know what day 6/6/44 was to include in a news story for my American Legion newsletter. And subsequently, I used your calculator to determine how long our county's last survivng WWI veteran lived in the number of days. Also the 'day' he was born and the 'day' he was married, finding this information using your calendar. This is a most interesting - and informative - site. I've passed it along to others whom I feel would have good use for its information. Thanks for creating it and putting it on the web.

- Wally Ahlborn

Congratulations!!......Your site definitely qualifies for the "Critical Mass Award". A very nice site, excellent design, clever original graphics, and your content is informative, entertaining, presented well and easy to access.

- Bill Darling

Wonderful! Just what I've been looking for (all over)! Thanks!!!

- Ellen Speyer

I do the employee schedule at work and was wanting the 1999 holidays--how great to be able to access them so easily!!

- Sandra Thrasher

This is just about the coolest thing I've ever seen on the web. I'm a novelist, writing a book set in the 1600s, and your calendar calculator page was very helpful. Thanks.

- Mary Thompson

Your page is great. I am working on my families genealogy and have found your sight to be helpful in so many ways. Thank You, keep up the good work!

- Lori Halliday