365 Days of Shoes 2020 Wall Calendar

A trs chic gift for footwear fanatics. For shoe lovers (you know who you are), this beautiful, luxe calendar is an essential wall accessory. Inspired by Linda OKeeffes international bestseller Shoes, its a yearlong ode to the chic, the elegant, the sexy, ...

Cowboy Boots 2020 Wall Calendar

Some cowboys will wear em until they wear out. Some cowboys have a pair for work and another pair for going into town, maybe to dance a Two-Step or Cotton-Eyed Joe. Other cowboys collect em. But heckyou dont have to be a cowboy to like cowboy boots. You j ...

Shoes Gallery 2020 Desk Calendar

A shoe lover's reverie! Shoes gallery calendar celebrates the ineffably chic Manolo Blahniks, Jimmy Choos, and Roger Clerergies that we longingly window-shop for and covet for our fantasy walk-in closets. Glorious, glossy photographs of each exquisite pai ...