365 Days of Shoes 2022 Picture-A-Day Wall Calendar

A trs chic gift for footwear fanatics. For shoe lovers (you know who you are), this beautiful, luxe calendar is an essential wall accessory. Inspired by Linda O?Keeffe?s international bestseller Shoes, it?s a yearlong ode to the chic, the elegant, the sex ...

A Book Well Read 2022 Desk Calendar

Do you love to read? This A Book Well Read easel desk calendar is for you and all the members of your book club. It features 12 vintage (1890 to 1950) images that celebrate good old fashioned books and the creatures (from human to feline) who read them. ...

Shoes 2022 Mini Wall Calendar

If shoes are your weakness, then this mini calendar for 2022 is just the thing for you! Full of different styles and colours, it will certainly satisfy your shoe addiction all year long! A bonus page contains mini date grids for September to December 2021 ...

Shoes 2022 Page-A-Day Gallery Calendar

A shoe lover's reverie!Shoes gallery calendar celebrates the ineffably chic Manolo Blahniks, Jimmy Choos, and Roger Clerergies that we longingly window-shop for and covet for our fantasy walk-in closets. Glorious, glossy photographs of each exquisite pair ...