Border Collie Puppies 2020 Wall Calendar

Intelligent, alert, and adorable, Border Collie puppies will grow up to be supreme sheepherders. Even at an early age, their natural herding instinct is noticeable. These pups are playful, loving, and energetic. They may not be ready to drive their flocks ...

Border Collies 2020 Wall Calendar

Border Collies are fast, agile, and very loyal to their owners. Originally bred on the English/Scottish border, they are widely recognized as the worlds finest sheep-herding dog. Their distinctive stalking gait and knowing eyes attest to their watchfulnes ...

Just Border Collie Puppies 2020 Wall Calendar

Born with high-energy and natural instinct, these charming puppies are destined to become the handsome, good-natured leaders that their parents were before them. Printed on high quality paper, this large format wall calendar features grids with ample room ...

Just Border collies 2020 Wall Calendar

A twelve month celebration of good-natured, hardworking Border Collies. These full color photographs really capture all their fun, good looks and energy! The large format features daily grids providing ample room for jotting appointments, birthdays and re ...