Awkward Family Photos 2020 Desk Calendar

The Awkward Family Photos Day-to-Day Calendar offers the best collection of the most uncomfortable and absurd family photos ever captured on film. Based on the hugely popular and best-selling books of the same name, this calendar i ...

Bitchin Cross Stitchin 2020 Wall Calendar

Salty language paired with sweet embroidered illustrations add the perfect amount of sass to your home or office dcor. This large format wall calendar features grids with ample room for jotting notes and begins with six bonus months of July through Decemb ...

Church Signs 2020 Desk Calendar

Church Signs Day-to-Day Calendar highlights some of the best marquees that offer inspirations and chuckles. Enjoy little reminders such as, 'Jesus loves you, but I'm his favorite,' 'Faith is a noun and a verb,' and 'Our church is not air conditioned, but ...

Cool As Shit 2020 Mini Wall Calendar

Can't remember sh!t? How about a calendar full of it to help you? Cool as Sh!t is the scatologically illustrated mini calendar--Hang it on your wall and laugh at all the funny sh!t. Makes a sh!t-kicking gift too! Its a gift that will be remembered all yea ...

Dad Jokes 2020 Desk Calendar

The original #1 Dad Jokes calendar! Dont let anyone fool you, dad jokes are the granddaddy of all knee-slappers, the father of all puns. In this calendar, youll find the absolute height of groan-worthy comedy with cheesy quips, witty one-liners, and horri ...

F*ck It List 2020 Wall Calendar

Everyone has their bucket list, but have you thought about your f*ck it list? The F*ck It List calendar gives you plenty of suggestions for things you dont want to do before you die! This calendar is perfect as dcor in your home, kitchen, or office and ea ...

F*ck This Sh!t BIG Mini 2020 Wall Calendar

The title of the F*ck This Sh*t calendar pretty much says it alland says it directly in an in-your-face way. Comes with a convenient place on each spread to list people and things youd to say F*ck this sh*t to. The F*ck This Sh*t BIG Mini 7x9 Wall Calenda ...

Fake! News 2020 Desk Calendar

Fake or Fact? The Fake News daily calendar will put your BS meter to the test. Author Mark Peters has compiled hundreds of headlines of real, weird news and has paired them with a similarly wacky but fake headline. Its up to you to decide what is real and ...

Fun Nuns 2020 Wall Calendar

The Fun Nuns wall calendar features nuns in the most unexpected situations. From playing basketball to splashing in the water, you will never look at nuns the same. The Fun Nuns calendar is from Carousel Calendars. This calendar is perfect as dcor in your ...

Greetings from Weirdsville 2020 Wall Calendar

What do Hot Coffee, Hell and Santa Claus have in common? Theyre all names of towns in the USA! Celebrate hometown pride and a quirky sense of humor on this visual road trip to the nations most bizarrely named locales. Printed on high quality paper, this l ...

Heart and Brain 2020 Wall Calendar

Pleasurable pursuits collide with cautious contemplation in the Heart and Brain calendar from the best-selling author Nick Seluk. Featuring endearing characters from the popular web comic, this charming calendar follows the inner dialogue between the thou ...

Hot Dog Yoga 2021 Wall Calendar

This calendar gives Popular meaning to Hot Dogs! Featuring a year full of images showing dachshunds positioned in classic yoga poses with the help of digital technology, these reworked portraits will bend your mind and delight you. The Hot Dog Yoga calend ...

Jeff Foxworthy 2020 Desk Calendar

If you're looking for the best redneck jokes, look no further than Jeff Foxworthy's You Might Be a Redneck If . . . Day-to-Day Calendar. The jokes that fill the pages of this calendar highlight the best of all things redneck. So if you've ever stolen mulc ...

Justin Trudeau My Canadian Boyfriend 2020 Wall Calendar

I have a new boyfriend. No, you've never met him. He lives in Canada. Justin Trudeau, My Canadian Boyfriend wall Calendar is a year-long celebration of dynamic, smart, compassionate, and sometimes sassy Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The calendar ...

Lambies in Jammies 2020 Wall Calendar

Have you ever seen anything so cute? Little lambs and baby goats in pajamas and sweaters will instantly and utterly charm you as they relax and frolic. Providing lifelong love and care to over 450 rescued animals, our furry friends hail from Edgars Missio ...

Left Handers 2020 Desk Calendar

The Left-hander's calendar is a celebration of lefties and their remarkable accomplishments, featuring birthdays, fun facts, significant achievements, and quotations from lefties through the ages. In a world made for right-handed people, this daily calend ...

Master Meow 2020 Wall Calendar

Learn from Master Meow himself this year. Zen master extraordinare, Master Meow is one serene feline. This calendar is perfect as dcor in your home, kitchen, or office and easily helps to keep track of important dates, contacts, and other events at a glan ...

Mind Your Damn Business 2020 Wall Calendar

The Art of David Olenick wall Calendar features illustrations from the New York City master of funny, angsty, and honest observations that are sure to make you smile, if not LOL. In his latest calendar, Mind Your Dam Business, you'll find cheerful encoura ...

My Imaginary Boyfriend Barack 2020 Wall Calendar

Barry, 44, boyfriend - whatever you want to call him, we love, adore and miss the man who ran the greatest country in the free world. This is our homage to his charm, wit, brain and dazzling smile. This year, 12-month wall calendar measures 12' x 12' and ...

New Yorker Cartoons 2020 Desk Calendar

Each page of The Cartoons from The New Yorker Day-to-Day Calendar features a witty cartoon from The New Yorker. As an added bonus, the back of each page includes Daily Extra content such as puzzles, jokes, lists, quotes, activities, tips, and trivia. The ...