Boxer Puppies 2020 Mini Wall Calendar

Boxer puppies are darling, intelligent, athletic, and socialall the admirable qualities of an adult Boxer, but in adorable miniature. The bouncy Boxer puppies in this calendar will grow up to be courageous and intelligent dogs. So, enjoy their company as ...

Boxers 2020 Wall Calendar

Alert, curious, and smart, the Boxer shows its emotions through its many distinct facial expressions. These strong and fearless dogs often have terrific clowning personalities. They learn tricks in a flash. Energetic yet patient, they get along well with ...

Boxers Deluxe 2020 Wall Calendar

German in origin, the Boxer got its name from its tendency to punch with its paws when it's in a tussle. Strong, sturdy, and intelligent, the Boxer has an impressive resume as a working dog: herder, hunter, circus trickster, military guard, police dog, a ...

Boxers Intl Edition 2020 Wall Calendar

Boxers International 2019 Wall Calendar With its confident manner, playful, affectionate nature, and tremendous sense of humor, the Boxer is very close to being a perfect companion. Bright-eyed, intelligent, and friendly, they love children and are devote ...

Just Boxer Puppies 2020 Wall Calendar

They will eventually grow up to be handsome and powerful dogs, but puppyhood is that short time for Boxers to just clown around and have fun. These twelve endearing full color photos capture all their cuteness. The large format wall calendar features dail ...

Just Boxers 2020 Desk Calendar

Boxers are strong and powerful yet loving, loyal dogs who want nothing more than to be close to their owners. 310 full-color photographs pop off each page to showcase all the unique charms and characteristics of these beloved dogs. Each page also includes ...

Just Boxers 2020 Wall Calendar

Boxers are strong and powerful yet loving, loyal dogs who wish nothing more than to be close to family. This wall calendar dazzles the eye with twelve brilliant full color Boxer photographs. The large format features daily grids providing ample room for j ...