America By Rail Wall Calendar

When work began on the US Interstate Highway System in 1956, it spelled the end of an era for the country's passenger railroads. But during the first half of the twentieth century, trains were the mainstay of American long-distance travel. Amtrak was stil ...

Classic Trains Wall Calendar

These twelve classic black and white photographs from 1905 through 1938 picture the sunset of the locomotive steam age and the dawn of streamlined diesel and electric trains. All aboard for a sentimental journey down the tracks of time! The large format f ...

Lionel Wall Calendar

Among hobbyists, perhaps no name is more revered than Lionel. And by combining old traditions with the latest technologies, these days Lionel is better than ever. Now Lionel train enthusiasts can enjoy months of O-gauge action in this full-color Lionel ca ...

Pennsylvania Railroad Wall Calendar

Founded in 1846, the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) began with a route from Harrisburg to Pittsburgh and expanded exponentially after that as an institutional icon. At its peak, ''''Pennsy'''' served millions of travelers and is still regarded as one of the ...

Railroad Easel Calendar

Take the Empire State Express, the Frisco Meteor, or the Texas Special with this Railroad easel calendar perched on your desk. It features 12 full-color vintage images from 1890 to 1960 of passenger trains, locomotives, and freight trains. The calendar is ...

Railroading Wall Calendar

All aboard for a calendar that celebrates the ingenuity and history of America's railways. Stay on track with this large format wall calendar that features grids with ample room for jotting notes and begins with six bonus months of July through December o ...

Street Cars and Trollies Wall

Before automobiles and buses, there were streetcars or trolleys in virtually every American city. Streetcars & Trolleys recalls that era through historic photographs from around the United States. Whether it's Omaha, Denver, Birmingham, Chicago, or Des Mo ...

Trains Baltimore Ohio Railroad Wall Calendar

In 1827 the Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road Co. became America's first chartered railroad. Innovation followed as the B & O operated the first American-built locomotive, constructed the first train station, sold the first passenger tickets, published the fir ...

Trains Canadian Wall Calendar

The railway systems of Canada transport people and products over a network of iron and steel that stretches throughout the breathtaking Canadian landscapes. Witness the power and beauty of these remarkable machines, from antique steam engines to modern fr ...

Trains Great Wall Calendar

The Golden Age of railroading rolls through the months of Great Trains in paintings by Gil Bennett. Widely collected by private railroad buffs, as well as corporations, Bennett combines a love of trains and artistic skill to bring the power and excitement ...

Trains Grossman Art Wall Calendar

Notable named trains are a matter of nostalgia among railroading enthusiasts. In Classic Trains artist Larry Grossman recalls the era when trains delivered sophisticated travel in real style. Travel on Southern Pacific?s Daylight, New York Central?s 20th ...

Trains Howard Foggs Wall Calendar

Considered the master of railroad art, Howard Fogg painted the power and majesty of the steel wheel on the steel rail. After rail fans discovered Fogg he spent the next 50 years as a freelance artist reinventing the steam age. In Howard Fogg?s Trains his ...

Trains Milwakee Road Wall Calendar

Chartered in 1849, the Milwaukee Road eventually extended its tracks across the northern tier of the United States to the Pacific Ocean. Noted for its innovative electric motive power and passenger service, the line's successes were overshadowed by weak m ...

Trains Pennsylvania Railroad Wall Calendar

Chartered in Pennsylvania in 1846, construction of the Pennsylvania Railroad began in 1847 and the first rail line reached Pittsburgh in 1852. Eventually PRR connected Chicago with Washington D.C. Pennsylvania Railroad recalls the unique engines and train ...

Trains Steam Remarkable Wall Calendar

This remarkable collection of classic train pictures offers thundering power and great style through more than 50 years of railroading. Those Remarkable train engines range from a Soo Line H-1 Pacific and a Northern Pacific ALCO Challenger (4-6-6-4), to a ...

Trains Union Pacific Railroad Wall Calendar

The Union Pacific pioneered transcontinental rail service. As the railroad grew, running freight through half of America meant long consists hauled by some of the largest locomotives ever built. Reaching back to the end of the steam era, Union Pacific pic ...

Union Pacific Wall Calendar

This is the story of the first transcontinental railroad; the greatest, most daring engineering effort the country had yet seen. The time was the 1860s. Imagine the task. -David McCulloch Through a series of mergers, Union Pacific, grew into the most powe ...