Jiff the Pomeranian 2022 Wall Calendar

Jiffpom is a social media star with over 33 Million followers on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube. He holds two Guinness World Records and his talents have lent him memorable roles in projects such as Katy Perry's Dark Horse music video and a Cove ...

Pomeranian 2022 Mini Wall Calendar

Bold and curious, Pomeranians are as lovable as they are fluffy. These sprightly dogs appreciate a bit of pampering and will repay your attention with plenty of love and loyalty. The wonderful Pomeranians in this mini wall calendar are sure to delight you ...

Pomeranian Puppies 2022 Wall Calendar

What do Queen Victoria, Marie Antoinette, Emile Zola, and Mozart all have in common? Their love for Pomeranian puppies! The smallest of the Spitz breed, these petite puppy poofs will eventually grow up to be seven pounds of plucky personality. Printed wit ...

Pomeranians 2022 Wall Calendar

A Pomeranian is as cute as a bug, and not much bigger than one either! But what they lack in size they compensate for with large measures of loyalty, affection and intelligence. Twelve delightful, full color photographs celebrate all there is to love abou ...