Fashion in Japanese Prints 2022 Desk Calendar

The Fashion in Japanese Art Calendar explores imagery of beautifully intricate fashion, depicted in Japanese prints. Each 6.25'''' x 5.5'''' Easel Desk Calendar is spiral bound. Perfect for home or office, our calendars are produced in the USA using envir ...

Haiku BIG 2022 Mini Wall Calendar

The Haiku mini calendar combines beauty and inspiration by featuring classic poetry with Japanese paintings. The ?less is more? approach of haiku poems provides profound, if ephemeral, insights into the beauty of nature. These are paired with notable wor ...

Hiroshige 2022 Wall Calendar

In a series of landscapes that stretch out toward a distant horizon, Utagawa Hiroshige captured the beauty of everyday life in Japan's capital in One Hundred Famous Views of Edo. The 118 woodblock landscape and genre scenes remain a precious record of the ...

Hokusai 2022 Poster Wall Calendar

The Katsushika Hokusai Calendar captures the essence of a wide variety of his work. It depicts imagery that was influenced by Sessh? T?y? and other styles of Chinese painting. This 12.5? x 19? Wall Calendar contains works of art selected from private coll ...

Hokusai Tushita 2022 Wall Calendar

Katsushika Hokusai (1760 ? 1849), one of the last great artists of the Japanese Ukiyo-e tradition of the Edo period. His world famous image of the wave and other woodblock prints influenced a whole generation of modern painters because of the uniqueness o ...

Japanese Fashion 2022 Poster Wall Calendar

The calendar grid offers ample space for personal notations and displays major US holidays. Each calendar is spiral bound and the pages are suitable for framing at year?s end. Perfect for home or office, our calendars are produced in the USA using environ ...

Japanese Scrolls and Screens 2022 Wall Calendar

Some of Japan's most captivating art has taken the form of scrolls and folding screens made of silk or paper decorated with ink, gold leaf, and watercolors. Japanese scrolls are sometimes narrative, telling a story when unrolled from right to left, while ...

Japanese Woodblock 2022 Wall Calendar

Through this collection of art, experience the mystical beauty that is Japan. This calendar features works by preeminent Japanese artists, known for their ukiyo-e woodblock prints. Whether depicting the natural wonder of the mountains, or the tranquility ...

Japanese Woodblocks 2022 Wall Calendar

Japanese Woodblocks celebrates the exquisite and natural splendor of Japan with one of the country?s oldest art forms as featured in these 13 vibrant and technically complex woodblock prints by some of the genre?s great masters. From snow-capped mountains ...

Japanese Woodblocks Art 2022 Easel Calendar

Serene woodblock prints of Japanese landscapes by Kawase Hasui (1983?1957). Small but impactful, this desk calendar is perfect to brighten up even the smallest of spaces offering a pop of personality and quick monthly reference. Fresh, fun, and excepti ...

Japanese Woodblocks Art 2022 Poster Wall Calendar

Serene woodblock prints of Japanese landscapes by Kawase Hasui (19831957). This poster calendar is perfect for adding a dramatic design statement with ease! Fill your walls with life and keep them fresh all year with a beautiful and affordable calendar ...

MoDA Japanese Stencils Katagami 2022 Wall Calendar

The MoDA is home to one of the UK?s most important collections of Japanese katagami - stencils created by hand by skilled Japanese craftsmen and originally used for applying patterns to kimono cloth. The beautiful stencils in this calendar represent 12 of ...

Serenity Ohtsu 2022 Mini Wall Calendar

New this year, this mini-wall version of Kazuyuki Ohtsu's engaging prints is the perfect size for occupying that small but important space in your home. Ohtsu's tranquil woodblock prints capture the Japanese countryside with crystalline color and fine det ...

Shao An 2022 Wall Calendar

Chao Shao-an's vivid brush-and-ink paintings make bold use of space and color, with a calligraphic looseness that verges on abstraction. Chao came of age during a period of artistic upheaval in his native China and broke with tradition by introducing mode ...