Black Cats Mini Wall Calendar

The twelve dazzling full color photographs in this wall calendar typify all that is beautiful and mysterious about black cats. Enjoy their silken fur and enchanting gaze all year long! While ideal for small spaces, the calendar?s grids still provide ample ...

Black Cats Wall Calendar

Sleek and beautiful, black cats evince an aura of mystery. In typical black cat fashion, this 18-month wall calendar is sure to charm its way into your heart! These solidly colored cats are captured in various poses and environments in a square wall calen ...

Black Kittens Mini Wall Calendar

Full of frolic and fun, kittens are little bundles of joy. This mini calendar features just black cat kittens. Fuzzy and dark, they?ll pounce their way right into your heart. This delightful Black Kittens mini calendar is sure to make a wonderful addition ...

British Shorthair Cats Wall Calendar

These teddy bear cats with their round, knowing eyes are loved for their easy-going, affectionate nature and being the best listeners in the cat kingdom. This large format wall calendar features grids with ample room for jotting notes and begins with six ...

Burmese Cats Wall Calendar

Burmese are social pets that thrive on interaction and are as curious as cats come. Each image beautifully showcases the elegance and poise of the Burmese, along with their mesmerizing copper eyes and chocolate-colored coat. This large format wall calenda ...

Cats Maine Coon Wall Calendar

Maine Coon cats are noted for their large bone structure, hunting skills, and noticeably long hair. This popular cat comes in many different sizes and colors, all captured in this adorable 18-month wall calendar. If you love cats, especially exotic-lookin ...

Cats Siamese Wall Calendar

Siamese cats are domesticated cats of the oriental cat breed extraction. Recognized for their slender bodies and heads, large ears, and almond-shaped blue eyes, these cats are absolutely exotic beauties. Whether you love Siamese cats or unique cats in gen ...

Cats Tushita Sm Wall Calendar

The spirit of the always composed feline captured in a dozen wonderful color photographs. The expression cats have character becomes obvious when you encounter the imagery in this beautiful cat calendar. With extra 30 x 60 cm poster. This calendar is perf ...

Ginger Cats Wall Calendar

Ginger cats are domesticated felines that get their name from their ginger-colored fur. Filled with sweet ginger cats in various poses, from regal to playful, this square wall calendar is the perfect gift for a cat lover in your life, or for your own home ...

Maine Coon Cats Wall Calendar

This big boned cat with the gorgeous, long flowing coat originated in North America but is now one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. Twelve stunning full color photographs capture the beauty, intelligence and gentleness of the Maine Coon Cat. T ...

Siamese Cats Wall Calendar

Thought to be descended from the sacred temple cats of Thailand, it is little wonder that Siamese cats appear so regal and mysterious. Twelve stunning, full color images typify these almond eyed, slender and noble felines. The large format wall calendar f ...

Tuxedo Cats Wall Calendar

Tuxedo cats are not a breed unto themselves; rather they are black cats featuring striking white bibs and spats. Twelve delightful full color photographs typify the characteristics of these distinctive felines. The large format wall calendar includes dail ...