Justin White was always interested in calendars and in 1997 created a calendar site called "The 10,000-Year Calendar" at a free homepage site. In November of that same year he registered the domain name as a birthday present to himself. It was billed as "The homepage for everything calendar" and had a calendar links section, a calendar store, and the original "10,000-Year Calendar".

The site has evolved a lot since then. You can now print a calendar with a photo, choose multiple languages and configurations, and include your own events. We have printable perpetual calendar charts. We provide a free calculator to determine the number of days between two dates (using multiple methods), a utility that instantly converts to and from 15 different ethnic and computer calendar systems. We invented the best day-of-week calculator on the Internet in that it will instantly tell you the day of week for many countries and places simultaneously, taking into account numerous complications (primarily because of different times of conversion from Julian to Gregorian and different dates that were considered first day of the year). We created our own system of mental calculation of the day of week for a given date. We have also associated with to provide one of the best web calendars on the Internet.

We have also created many features based on user feedback, such as the 30/360 day counting method, the 200-Year Excel perpetual calendar poster, and several personalized printable tearaway countdown calendars. has been listed in several books and newspaper articles. Thank you very much to our users who have helped make us great!

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