Great Danes 2024 Wall Calendar

The Great Dane, the Apollo of Dogs, is physically powerful yet has a gentle, sincere demeanor. Great Danes are intelligent, friendly, loyal, and dependable. First bred in Germany to hunt wild boars, dogs of this breed are known for being true friends and ...

Just Great Dane Puppies 2024 Wall Calendar

They may fit on your lap now, but don't expect them to stop trying once they grow up. Destined to be gentle giants, these pint sized pups are all adoring affection and big feet. It's hard to imagine these sweet, social Great Dane puppies as the boarhounds ...

Just Great Danes 2024 Wall Calendar

Great Danes are huge and powerfully built, yet affectionate, playful and charming by nature ? hence their nickname ?gentle giant?. Printed with soy based inks on FSC certified paper, this 12" x 24" wall calendar features large monthly grids that o ...