Dog Chat 2021 Wall Calendar

Do you every wonder what our dogs would say if they had their own social media accounts? Now you can keep up with their timeline with the Dog Chat Wall Calendar! Our favorite pups share the latest memes and funny thoughts in this calendar, featured in a n ...

Dog Nose Best 2020 Wall Calendar

Checkout beloved mens best friends displaying their most powerful sense, sense of smell, and their main tool, nose. These cute dogs bring word snout to a whole new level. Our square 18-month wall calendars include 13 stunning images and even clearer grids ...

Dog Selfies 2020 Wall Calendar

#Hotdogs, Everyone is snapping selfies and dogs are no exception! From the sublime to the ridiculous, this calendar collects the best photos of mutts who have taken the selfie craze into their own paws. These cute and candid snaps give us a glimpse of our ...

Dog Shaming 2020 Desk Calendar

Celebrate your love for dogsand your occasional frustration at their misdeedswith the Dog Shaming Day-to-Day Calendar. More than 8,000 photos have been published to the popular Dog Shaming blog since it began in 2012. This calendar showcases a different d ...

Dog Shaming Wall Calendar

From the blog that started it all, the Dog Shaming wall Calendar features photo collages of the funniest and cutest pup-etrators with signs describing their transgressions. Anyone who has shared life with a dog can relate to the crazy antics and adorable- ...

Dog Trivia 2020 Desk Calendar

Pure entertainment for dog people! A Year of Dog Trivia shows that theres always more to learn about mans (or womans) best friend. There are rare breeds to discover, like the lively, intelligent Portuguese Podengo. Tips on care: If your dog is loose, neve ...

Dog-Gone-It 2020 Wall Calendar

Need a laugh? Dog-Gone-It features monthly memes of dogs caught in questionable behavior with little remorse. The full color, large format calendar includes large daily grids; six bonus months of July through December; moon phases; U.S. and international ...

Dogs on Instagram 2020 Desk Calendar

Who doesnt love a great dog photo? This new daily calendar offers a collection of over 300 photographs of the most lovable pups on the internet from cute and playful to beautiful and touching from the unbelievably popular @dogsofinstagram profile on Ins ...

Harlso Amazing Balancing Hound 2020 Wall Calendar

Harlso is a little dog with a big talent. This mini dachshund can balance pretty much anything on his flat little head. Food, pastries, balls, and pancakes are just a few of the things he has balanced. Harlso the amazing balancing hound is an inspiration, ...

If Animals Could Talk 2020 Mini Wall Calendar

Born from the hit Tumblr blog, If _____ Could Talk, creators Carla and Josh use their witty writing and unique illustration style to dive deep into the minds of your favorite animals. (Seriously, they get all up in there.) This is one of those rare calend ...

If Animals Could Talk 2020 Wall Calendar

Born from the hit Tumblr blog, If _____ Could Talk, creators Carla and Josh use their witty writing and unique illustration style to dive deep into the minds of your favorite animals. (Seriously, they get all up in there.) This is one of those rare calend ...

Jimmy The Bull 2020 Tabbed Planner

Enjoy the Jimmy the Bull 17-Month Tabbed Planner featuring a collection of charming and cheeky images chronicling the relationship and adventures of Rafael and Jimmy. Includes Monthly and weekly formats, built-in storage pockets, contacts and notes pages, ...

Manny the Frenchie 2020 Wall Calendar

Called 'The Most Famous French Bulldog in the World' by Buzzfeed, Manny the Frenchie sure has a lot to be happy about these days. This bacon-loving, sink-napping, philanthro-PUP turned author now has over 1.8M friends on Facebook and 1.1M followers on Ins ...

Mutts Gone Nuts 2020 Wall Calendar

Its anyones guess what has these silly, slurpy, sassy pups all riled up! Their googly-eyed antics are sure to delight pet lovers of all ages. This large format wall calendar features grids with ample room for jotting notes and begins with six bonus months ...

Pawparazzi 2020 Mini Wall Calendar

These pooches are ready for their close-up! Whether sporting glasses, ugly sweaters, or dressed for Halloween, these canines do it in style. Javier Retales Botijeros portraits capture mans best friend with humor and character. Chula, his French bulldog, s ...

Sit Stay Selfie 2020 Wall Calendar

If dogs could take #selfies, this is what they'd look like - super cute and full of expression! Check out a new selfie each month; you'll have a hard time containing your smiles. This year, 12-month wall calendar measures 12' x 12' and includes thirteen, ...

Thoughts of Dog 16mo 2020 Weekly Planner

Based on the popular @dog_feelings Twitter account by Matt Nelson of WeRateDogs fame, the Thoughts of Dog 16-Month Weekly Monthly Planner Calendar will warm the hearts of dog lovers and help keep them on task to allow plenty of time for walks, frens, and ...

Throw the Damn Ball 2020 Wall Calendar

Throw the Damn Ball Calendar features howlingly hilarious poems written for, about, and by the great canine masters, accompanied by adorable dog photos that capture the attitude of each classic verse. Oh, what poetry flows from the hearts and paws of our ...

Ugly Dogs 2020 Wall Calendar

Theres just no way around it, these pups are, homely. Snaggletoothed, drooling, with really bad hair, these dogs are so ugly that theyre adorable. Beauty is only skin deep so look beyond the surface in this Ugly Dogs calendar to see the beautiful soul th ...

Underwater Dogs 2020 Mini Wall Calendar

Whether goofy, serene, or hilariously terrifying, Seth Casteel's remarkable photographs of dogs playing underwater reveal a side to their eyelids, gums, and tongues that one could never have seen on dry land. From blas retrievers to googly-eyed mutts, the ...