Adulthood Is a Myth Scribbles Deluxe Desk Calendar

That one overachiever who said becoming an adult is easy? Liar. Take it from Sarah Andersen, a twenty-something introvert who loves cats, hates getting up, overthinks, under plans, and is conflicted about the Internet. In this Adulthood Is a Myth Day-to-D ...

Anti Affirmations Desk Calendar

There are just some days you really need to express your true feelings and this calendar does it for you! Begin each day with a laugh as you step away from the sunny side of the street with these anti-affirmations. This year, daily desk calendar is 5.5''' ...

Anti Affirmations Mini Wall Calendar

There are just some days you really need to express your true feelings, and this calendar does it for you! Begin each day with a laugh as you step away from the sunny side of the street with these anti-affirmations. This 12-month, mini wall calendar measu ...

B is for Badass Wall Calendar

Do you need harsh, yet hilarious, motivational sayings every month? This is the sassy calendar for you! These cute and cuddly animals may look sweet and innocent-but they have the mouths of sailors! This 12-month wall calendar measures 12'''' x 12'''' and ...

Cant Kill Me Plants Wall Calendar

Born with a brown thumb? This calendar - filled with plants you can't kill - is for you! Spend your year enjoying the beauty of foliage without having to care for it. This 12-month wall calendar measures 12'''' x 12'''' and includes thirteen, full-color i ...

Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue Desk Calendar

Calling all potty-mouthed wordplay lovers and history buffs! This daily calendar features hundreds of humorous terms from 18th-century London for a year's worth of colorful conversations. Based on the Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue, first publi ...

Edward Gorey Planner

Edward Gorey (American, 1925-2000) was a brilliant artist and writer, a Harvard graduate, and a respected book designer. His drawings and stories, set in a vaguely Edwardian time frame, exhibit a special genius for what is left unseen and unsaid. Crosshat ...

F in Exams Desk Calendar

Based on the bestselling F in Exams series, this calendar presents a full year's worth of jaw-droppingly wrong but hilariously real student test answers, plus all kinds of things everyone should have learned in school but didn't. Small but impactful, this ...

F*ck It List Wall Calendar

Everyone has their bucket list, but have you thought about your f*ck it list? The F*ck It List calendar gives you plenty of suggestions for things you dont want to do before you die! This calendar is perfect as dcor in your home, kitchen, or office and ea ...

Gudetama Wall Calendar

Gudetama, the worlds laziest egg yolk, is the newest hit character from Japan. The slothful egg has proven so popular in Japan that entire restaurants have been dedicated to egg dishes. This calendar is perfect as dcor in your home, kitchen, or office and ...

I Adulted Wall Calendar

As seen on The New York Post, The Blaze, and other media outlets!!***I Adulted! 16-Month Wall Calendar includes more than 100 stickers celebrating the joys of adulting. Based on the book I Adulted: Stickers for Grown-Ups, this 16-month wall calendar inclu ...

Keep Calm Mini Wall Calendar

Based on a World War II poster issued by the British government, Keep Calm and Lets Do This is a morale-boosting calendar to help get you through the day! Each month features a variation on the original theme. From living your dreams to sharing the love, ...

Left Handers Engagement

The Left-hander's planner is designed especially for left-handers with planning pages on the left, and features birthdays, fun facts, significant achievements, and quotations from lefties through the ages. Each page provides a point of pride for lefties w ...

Life is Sweet Wall Calendar

Artist Jen Skelley finds joy in the simple pleasures of everyday life, and expresses that joy in her whimsical illustrations. In this calendar, she combines colorful drawings and cheerful words of inspiration and encouragement to show you the many ways th ...

Llama with No Drama Wall Calendar

Llama With No Drama was started in 2016 by Eylul Savas as a reaction to all of the worlds drama. The initiative hopes to give the viewer a breather from their daily struggles and aims to encourage people to get out of their comfort zone, travel, and sprea ...

Man Up! Wall Calendar

Feel like putting the ''''test'''' in testosterone? Motivate yourself with all things manly the entire year, that's IF you have the guts! The full color, large format calendar includes large daily grids; six bonus months of July through December of last y ...

Maxine Desk Calendar

Maxine's sassy humor is sure to keep your year full of wit and laughs in this 12-month desk pad calendar. Enjoy her sass with a twist of metrical composition. The monthly, tear-off pages boast extra-large, lined, monthly grids, multiple sections for notes ...

No F*cks Given Guide Desk Calendar

Presented in Sarah Knights' fresh, sassy voice, this interactive A No F*cks Given Guide Day-to-Day Calendar offers daily tips for living your best life utilizing her popular ''''NotSorry Method.'''' Sarah is the best-selling author of the No F*cks Given G ...

Pun Intended Desk Calendar

With one liners like, ?I was addicted to the hokey pokey... but thankfully, I turned myself around.? how could you go wrong! Pun Intended will have you snickering and your coworkers eye-rolling all year long. Features fun illustrations, U.S. and internati ...

Punctuation Saves Lives Wall Calendar

I like cooking, my family, and my pets. Who knew that the lowly comma could be such a lifesaver? Make your 8th grade English teacher proud with a calendar that uses punctuation, grammar, and humor to stop unnecessary chaos in its tracks. Printed with soy- ...