Adulthood Is a Myth Scribbles Deluxe Desk Calendar

The wraparound easel printed with a full-color pattern created by Sarah Andersen keeps your Sarah's Scribbles 2021 day-to-day calendar looking good all year. Each daily page of this calendar features a relatable cartoon that chronicles modern life, includ ...

Anti Affirmations Desk Calendar

There are just some days you really need to express your true feelings and this calendar does it for you! Begin each day with a laugh as you step away from the sunny side of the street with these anti-affirmations. This year, daily desk calendar is 5.5''' ...

Left Handers Engagement

Tailor-made for lefties, this Left-hander's 2021 desk calendar features planning pages on the left side and binding on the right for easier use by left-handers. Scissors, school desks, notebooks?left-handers know the world is made for right-handed people. ...

Man Up! Wall Calendar

Feel like putting the ''''test'''' in testosterone? Motivate yourself with all things manly the entire year, that's IF you have the guts! The full color, large format calendar includes large daily grids; six bonus months of July through December of last y ...

Maxine Desk Calendar

Maxine's sassy humor is sure to keep your year full of wit and laughs in this 12-month desk pad calendar. Enjoy her sass with a twist of metrical composition. The monthly, tear-off pages boast extra-large, lined, monthly grids, multiple sections for notes ...

Oh Look! 2022 Wall Calendar

The Oh Look! 2021 Wall Calendar combines vintage black and white photos of women with funny and sarcastic sayings. Features black and white photos with colorful graphics in a 12-month format. Size: 12'''' x 12''''. With a little something for everyone, ou ...

Retrospoof Office 2022 Wall Calendar

The RetroSpoof Office 2021 Wall Calendar features 12 months of vintage illustrations with quirky office humor. Size: 12'''' x 12''''. With a little something for everyone, our new fun and humor collection of dated products bring a little laughter to your ...

The Liberal Undated Planner

It seems we're always in an election cycle! Show the world your Liberal Agenda with this handy and portable The Liberal Agenda Undated Calendar. Users can start and stop at the start of a school year, fiscal year, or calendar year, and personalize with th ...

Unforgettable Senior Moments Desk Calendar

An entertaining, relatable ode to aging?full of hilarious mental bloopers of poets, presidents, and Nobel Prize winners. 365 days of humorous quotes, jokes, and facts on the upsides of aging: It?s good to have a short memory because it keeps life fresh. ? ...

You Had One Job Desk Calendar

The You Had One Job! 2021 Calendar gathers the funniest pics from around the internet and combines them with delightfully snarky captions by humor writer Beverly L. Jenkins for a year's worth of hilarious on-the-job fails and missteps.? How did they mess ...