Aunty Acid Mini Wall Calendar

We all think it. Aunty Acid says it! This sassy senior will have you nodding your head in agreement with her surprisingly accurate and hilarious summation of life in this calendar. This calendar is perfect as dcor in your home, kitchen, or office and easi ...

Jeff Foxworthy Desk Calendar

If you run out of beer and call 911, if you've changed a diaper on a truck's tailgate, or if there are bumper stickers on your toilet tank, this is the calendar for you. Jeff Foxworthy's redneck humor has made him a household name, and his You Might Be a ...

Jokes Puns and Riddles Desk Calendar

Fun for the whole family! A year of the best groaners, the most moronic knock-knocks, the goofiest puns, and riddles so dumb you?ll laugh out loud and roll your eyes simultaneously. The bestselling joke calendar of all time serves up another year of hoots ...

Mean Mugs Wall Calendar

Are you a little bit mean before your daily dose of caffeine? Let this Mean Mugs calendar provide you with sass and caffeine all year round! This 12-month wall calendar measures 12'''' x 12'''' and includes thirteen, full-color images combined with the mo ...

Patterson Dogs Magnetic Wall Calendar

Brighten your year with a bit of humor and vibrant colors with this calendar featuring a dozen charming dog cartoons by Gary Patterson?perfect for any dog lover or fan of this beloved cartoonist! The calendar features a dozen full color images and plenty ...

Quotable Asshole Desk Calendar

If you don?t have anything nice to say, you?re in good company! The Quotable A**hole, is based on the best-selling book from Eric Grzymkowski. You won?t just find quotes from typical a**holes like Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, and Mark Twain, either. ...

Sh*t My Kids Say Desk Calendar

Kids say the darndest things! Spend the year laughing at funny, but honest, sh*t your kids say from the book S*** My Kids Say by Nick Harris. This daily desk calendar is 5.5'''' x 5.5'''' and comes with an attached easel to sit on your desk as well as a c ...

Shakespearean Insults Desk Calendar

Laugh and learn from the brilliant banter, disrespectful digs, and scathing smackdowns found in the Shakespearean Insults 2021 Day-to-Day Calendar. Featuring quotations from over thirty of Shakespeare's plays, this calendar will be enjoyed by literature l ...

Stupidest Things Ever Said Desk Calendar

A whole new, hilarious year of foot-in-mouth moments, celebrity air headedness, and shocking ignorance. Politicians, celebrities, CEOs, athletes?between the unhinged talk-show interviews and the Twitter rants, you?d think they?d learn when to zip their li ...