Jokes Puns and Riddles 2020 Desk Calendar

Fun for the whole family! A year of the best groaners, the most moronic knock-knocks, the goofiest puns, and riddles so dumb youll laugh out loud and roll your eyes simultaneously. The bestselling joke calendar of all time serves up another year of hoots: ...

Stupidest Things Ever Said 2020 Desk Calendar

A whole new, hilarious year of foot-in-mouth moments, celebrity air headedness, and shocking ignorance. Politicians, celebrities, CEOs, athletesbetween the unhinged talk-show interviews and the Twitter rants, youd think theyd learn when to zip their lips! ...

Toilets Around The World 2020 Wall Calendar

Its really fascinating how differently the private place can be interpreted! This very particular photo calendar comprises everything, from the odd roll of toilet paper on the beach to the masterpiece of modern architecture. If you are looking for somethi ...