Art of Pants 2024 Wall Calendar

Embark on a whimsical journey through the quirky and imaginative world of @PantsPants with The Art of Pants 2024 Wall Calendar. Curated by the fan-favorite cartoonist Josh Mecouch, this 12-month calendar is a delightful collection of thirteen black and white comics, each a testament to embracing life's peculiarities with a touch of humor and charm. Measuring 12" x 12" (12" x 24" when open), this calendar boasts a fold-around cover design, eliminating the need for plastic packaging and showcasing the eco-conscious approach of @PantsPants. The uniquely emotive illustrations, printed on FSC certified paper with soy-based ink, bring a healthy dose of whimsy to each month. Immerse yourself in Josh Mecouch's distinctive style as you navigate the year from September 2023 to December 2024. The calendar provides generous grid space for notes, appointments, and reminders, ensuring it's not only a source of laughter but also a functional planning tool. Stay in sync with major world holidays and observances, and track the moon phases based on Universal Time. Perfect for those who desire to live their best life while embracing the reality of life's quirks, The Art of Pants 2024 Wall Calendar is more than just a timekeeperit's a daily dose of joy, encapsulating the charm and humor of @PantsPants for a year full of delightful moments.
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