1,000 Piece Puzzles

Afternoon Walk 1000 Piece Puzzle

Afternoon Walk. Leave the highway to set out on one of the back roads of New England and you might come across a wonderful scene such as this. Someone has left the neat white farmhouse with their faithful companion, preferring to walk instead of taking a ...

Always Alert 1000 Piece Puzzle

Always Alert #1226 The farmer on the tractor, the kids in the hay, a perfect harvest afternoon. The faithful hunting dogs keep their eyes on the Pheasants, just in case there is a chance encounter. Artist: Terry Redlin. 1000pc

America Smiles 1000 Piece Puzzle

America Smiles. Here's a collection of American stamps that will bring a smile of remembrance. Trace our history from stagecoach, paddleboat and space travel to integration, peace, love, bobby sox and hip hop. Assembled by Lois B. Sutton for a 1,000 piece ...

Autumn 1000 Piece Puzzle

Autumn. Falling leaves, a rustic red barn, clear blue sky, pumpkins, sunflowers and corn stalks, plus wood split, neatly stacked and ready for a warming fire in the evening. What more could we want from a crisp Fall day in New England, captured by everyon ...

Backyard Blues 1000 Piece puzzle

There are no Backyard Blues when one is able to enjoy the delightful duo of blue birds on a brick wall laid with a bed of beautiful blossoming flowers.

Bazooka 1000 Piece Puzzle

Bazooka. Trace the history of this iconic treat, a part of so many childhoods. How many times did an enormous bubble explode all over your face, or strands get embedded in your hair, or a whole wad of gum get stuck on the end of your nose by an irate teac ...

Campaign Buttons 1000 Piece Puzzle

Campaign Buttons. Did you Like Ike? What were your "2 favorite 4-letter words". Did you back Barack or chant Run Hillary Run? Feeling the Bern? Were you for Nixon/Lodge, Nixon/Ogilvie or Nixon/Agnew? Did you make a Clean Sweep or get a Square Deal with Te ...

Cardinals In Winter 1000 Piece Puzzle

Cardinals in Winter. Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal (that's the missus with white face and breast) are perched on a glowing lantern in this peaceful neighborhood. Freshly fallen snow softens the landscape and sounds of the evening, awaiting parishioners at the steep ...

Classic Stamps 550 Piece Puzzle

Classic Stamps. Camp Fire Girls, The Bill of Rights, JFK, Disco, Labor Day, Nursing, Skylab, National Parks Centennial, American Gothic, International Women's Year and Clowns are but a few of the classic stamps assembled on this 550 piece puzzle by Lois B ...

Feelin Smurfy 1000 Piece puzzle

This is sure to be a favourite - all of The Smurfs named in one delightful 1000 piece puzzle - fans are sure to beFeelin Smurfy! 

Finger Lakes 1000 Puzzle

The Finger Lakes Wine Country in the west-central section of Upstate New York is depicted perfectly by Gary Torrisi, inviting us to a tasting tour of all the great wineries in the area. Their locations are sown in the puzzle, along with other tourist attr ...

Fish Signs1000 Piece Puzzle

Fish Signs are a joyful reminder of good times on churning waters. And although there are, "So Many Fish, So Little Time", there's always time to relax with a 1000 piece puzzle that's all about fishing.

Garden Seeds 1000 Piece Puzzle

Garden Seeds Vintage vegetable seed packets create the top & bottom boarder. The interior packets are floral and dated late 1800 & early 1900's and speak to a time when everyone was hopeful for a fine harvest. First promoted during World War I, war garden ...

I Love Cape Cod 1000 Piece Puzzle

I Love Cape Cod #1222 Cape Cod, located in Massachusetts, has it all: History, The Seashore, Nature, Lighthouses, fantastic regional food and promises of tons of fun. (Check out the recipe for an Old Cape Cod drink) Make the puzzle then find the treasures ...

Jackson Hole 1000 Piece Puzzle

Jackson Hole, Wyoming. A colorful creation by Sue Dreamer is full of cute creatures and fun facts about this popular area. For instance, beaver trappers referred to a valley surrounded by mountains as a "hole". In 1829 the valley was named for trapper Dav ...

Kennebunk 1000 Piece Puzzle

The Kennebunks. This charming collection of villages located in York County, Maine, are packed full of fun things to do and see. Architecture, antiques, art galleries, boutique shopping, fine dining & fun dining, the seafaring lore of historic districts - ...

Lakes Region 1000 Piece Puzzle

Lake Winnipesaukee, Squam Lake & The Lakes Region NH. In 1771 Colonial Governor John Wentworth established “Kingswood” in Wolfboro on the shore of Lake Winnipesaukee, the first summer estate in New England. The town’s motto is now “The ...

Made In America 1000 Piece Puzzle

Made in America. Just like White Mountain Puzzles, all of these fabulous products have their origins in the good old USA. Jeep, Heinz, Arm & Hammer, Crisco, 20 Mule Team Borax, Milton-Bradley, Necco, Jello, Tabasco, Ball, Utz, LL Bean, Burt's Bees, Stonew ...

Marthas Vineyard 1000 Puzzle

Antique Toys. Here's a fabulous collection of old-timey toys mostly made of various metals. Carnival rides, trucks, animals, toy soldiers, robots, a typewriter, musical instruments, automobiles, flying machines and a traveling salesman are among the treas ...

Mountain Thunder 1000 Piece puzzle

On Mountain Thunder come rushing wild horses across the stream and up the valley to their next resting place. It's a beautiful sunny day and this 1000 piece puzzle by artist Mark Keathley captures the heart of a playful wilderness.