Cat Gallery 2024 Desk Calendar

Hey, cat lovers! Get ready for a purr-fect year ahead with the Cat Gallery Desk Calendar from! This isn't just a calendar?it's like having an art gallery right on your desk!Each page is adorned with a full-color photograph capturing the attitude, playfulness, and independent spirit of our feline friends. Can't resist the charm of a curious Sphynx with oversized ears? Or perhaps an adventurous orange kitten captured mid-leap? Or maybe it's a jet black cat with stunning yellow eyes that melts your heart. Whatever your preference, this calendar has it all!And it's not just about the photos. Each image is enhanced with a charming caption, adding a delightful touch to your daily dose of cuteness. It's a year-long celebration of whiskers and purrs, attitudes and antics!But that's not all. This calendar is also eco-friendly, printed on responsibly sourced paper. Plus, each Page-a-Day? Gallery Calendar includes 160 sheets of glossy, high-quality paper, featuring gorgeous full-color photographs.Packaged in a clear plastic box that opens into a desktop easel, this calendar offers an elegant, inspiring display that's perfect for any cat lover's desk. And remember, at, we offer a vast variety of calendars to suit every taste and interest. So why stop at one? Explore our selection and find the perfect calendars to adorn your space or to gift to a loved one.So don't wait! Add some feline charm to your year with the Cat Gallery Desk Calendar from Order yours today and let us know how you're enjoying your daily dose of cat-titude!
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