Astrology 2024 Wall Calendar

Horoscopes and images to inspire creativity and action for every sign, all year long. Celebrate the world of astrology as you've never seen it before with a year of gorgeous, memorable, dreamlike digital collages based on artist Kirsten McKinzie Ross' interpretations of the signs of the zodiac. And each is accompanied by expertly written horoscopes that inspire creativity and action, with a sense of what's to come that month. Taurus can look forward to financial abundance when fortune bringing Jupiter moves through their second house of income. August 4 presents an opportunity for Leos to channel their innate confidence and sunny perspective into an ambitious vision. And when the new moon falls into their first house of self, it's time for Scorpios to commit to a promising action plan. For astrology lovers, this is a gift of beauty and insight. Printed on responsibly sourced paper.
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