Visions of the Future 2022 Wall Calendar

In celebration of what would have been Stephen Hawking's 80th birthday, Visions of the Future pairs Stephen Hawking?s quotes with breathtaking images of the universe captured by the European Space Agency. Fascinating phenomena: light disappearing into a black hole is accompanied by ?It is said that fact is sometimes stranger than fiction. And nowhere is that more true than in the case of black holes.? Existential truths: ?We each exist but for a short time. And in that time explore but a small part of the whole universe.? And calls to action: ?Climate change is one of the great dangers we face and it?s one we can prevent,? paired with an image of Earth as seen from space. It?s an exquisite gift for students, scientists, or anyone fascinated by the cosmos. This calendar is perfect as dcor in your home, kitchen, or office and easily helps to keep track of important dates, contacts, and other events at a glance. Each calendar month is easy to glance at and see what responsibilities you have coming up, so make sure you stay organized through the year! Personalization is easy with different colors for appointments and trips, add stickers or stickie notes for a quick reference, or create your own system of symbols and abbreviations.Popular calendar titlePrinted on FSC-certified paperDimensions: 12 x 12 inFull color photographsIncludes a foreword by Tim HawkingCelebrate the British scientist Stephen HawkingPairs Stephen Hawking?s quotes with breathtaking images of the universeImages from the European Space AgencyIncludes all major and significant holidaysPerfect for the home or office
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