Kamisaka Sekka Vintage Art 2024 Wall Calendar

Our 2024 Kamisaka Sekka calendar includes some of the artist?s most beautiful works of art to adorn your wall throughout the year. Born in Kyoto, Japan to a samurai family, Kamisaka Sekka began painting at the age of 16 and grew to become known as the father of Japanese modern design. A master of the art style known as Rinpa, Sekka created stunning designs influenced by traditional Japanese aesthetics that are both modern and timeless. In this calendar we hand selected a variety of pieces from his masterwork?a three volume collection of woodblock prints called Momoyogusa (Flowers of a Hundred Worlds)?along with an un cropped inset of each featured artwork and titles, titles translated to English, and special art related dates. This collection is held in the Spencer Collection at the New York Public Library, but if you can?t make it there, our calendar will bring these classic images to your wall, all year long.
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