Herbs 2024 Wall Calendar

Indulge in herbs for health, flavor and well being: stunning photos plus recipes from expert Rosemary Gladstar, for every month of the year.?No one knows herbs better than Rosemary Gladstar: how they enhance our lives in so many ways, bringing beauty to the garden, adding flavor and aroma to the food we eat, and promoting well being, as they have done since ancient times. Featuring gorgeous, full color photographs, detailed facts and history about each months plant, plus recipes for tinctures, salves, and delicious treats, Herbs is a celebration of the natural world. Learn to make cooling jewelweed ice cubes to use on rashes and insect stings. Get your best sleep with a tea brewed from passionflower. And cook up a batch of violet syrup, which can soothe a sore, itchy throat. For gardeners, cooks, and anyone interested in more natural remedies, this calendar is a fantastic gift. Printed on responsibly sourced paper.
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