Cattle 2020 Wall Calendar

Stoecklein calendars provide the opportunity to celebrate the spirit of the West every day of the year, with photography by the legendary photographer of the west, David Stoecklein. The calendars showcase photographs from the Stoecklein Collection, captur ...

Cow Yoga 2020 Mini Wall Calendar

Fascination with yoga is sweeping pastures throughout the world.  Cows are turning to this ancient discipline in herds to reap the benefits of relaxation, flexibility and increased milk production.  Twelve classic cow poses, including Downward Facing Bovi ...

Cows 2020 Wall Calendar

Cows are viewed as deities in certain cultures, but their reserved, mysterious ways intrigue people the world over. Get your moooooove on with this square wall calendar of bovine beauties. This calendar is perfect as dcor in your home, kitchen, or office ...

COWS Art 2020 Mini Wall Calendar

Once again COWS of PEI offers their truly unique and fun tribute to the humble cow. With its clever parodys, colorful pallet and charming illustrations this is a perfect calendar for the family area of the home. Produced via environmentally friendly proce ...

Cows Cows Cows Special Edition 2020 Wall Calendar

Twelve months of whimsical art featuring this favorite country character make the Cows Cows Cows Wall Calendar a sure bet for bovine fanciers everywhere! Artist Lowell Herrero adds rich layers of color to create vibrant works sure to captivate those who a ...