Piggies 2024 Wall Calendar (French)

Say a big hello to our newest Piggies Wall Calendar! Our delightful calendar is perfect for piglet lovers, farmers, and those who adore their favorite farm animals. Each month of this French calendar is full to the brim with the cutest piglets you've ever seen! With its bright colors and cheerful piglet faces showing up to greet you each and every month, you'll be just as delighted at the sight of this calendar as the piggies will be when they see mealtime approaching! So, don't miss out on the squeals of joy - the Piggies Wall Calendar will make sure you never miss an important date, while bringing a smile to your face throughout the entire pigging year! Products are produced with environmentally friendly materials in Germany. We do not produce in China. We support a number of NGO?s including the Nepal Prisoners Association and the Nepal Women?s Network. According to Tibetan tradition, ?Tushita? is a planet on which we find mindfulness to change hindrances into advantages.
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