Art Gallery 2024 Desk Calendar

Like an art gallery on your desk. Imagine stopping into your favorite museum every day of the week?and discovering a new treasure each time. That?s Art Gallery, with hundreds of masterpieces photographed, printed, and reproduced to the uncompromising standards of a fine art book. Pieter Bruegel the Elder?s The Hunters in the Snow. The Black Marble Clock by Paul Cezanne. Rang Tian?s exquisite ink on paper drawing Leaf C. Plus furniture and decorative items, textiles, fashion, jewelry, and photography, including Dorothea Lange?s moving Toward Los Angeles, California. The art ranges from ancient to contemporary and spans a wide range of cultural traditions. For art lovers, it?s the essential desktop escape. Printed on responsibly sourced paper. Page a Day? Gallery Calendars include 160 sheets of glossy, high quality paper printed with gorgeous full color photographs. Each calendar is packaged in a clear plastic box that opens into a desktop easel for elegant, inspiring display.
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