Lingerie Wall Calendar

Lingerie by Johnny Crosslin features some of the world's most beautiful women in very intimate attire. It is no wonder that this calendar is a top seller year after year. Twelve months of specially selected models wearing the finest lingerie; the perfect gift for men with discerning taste. Opens to 12'''' x 24'''' with oversized 12'''' x 18'''' images.**Popular calendar title!Printed on high-quality, FSC certified paperIncludes all major and significant holidaysArtwork by photographer Johnny CrosslinPerfect for the man-cave*Rave Reviews**''''This calendar has excellent quality photos. The girls are very attractive. Don't really mind having repeat models, but it would be nice to view different models in successive year's calendars. One complaint I have to express is that I would prefer the girls are smiling in their photos. I don't find the serious ''''What are you looking at'''' expressions nearly as sexy as a sweet smile.'''' -Anonymous**''''I am very glad they found ladies to be in this calendar that can stick to a their diet. I looked through the whole calendar when I opened it up and am very pleased with my purchase. As long as you don't have a jealous wife or girlfriend, BUY IT!'''' -Gary Jeep** *
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