The Office 2022 Desk Calendar

Would you rather be feared or loved? Well, you're gonna be afraid of just how much you love this calendar. The Office Desk Calendar is filled with quotes and trivia from all the characters you love and the ones you love to hate. This calendar perfectly captures the essence of the mockumentary and showcases a group of coworker's mildly inappropriate behavior. Okay, maybe wildly inappropriate! The Office Desk Calendar is the perfect addition to any The Office fan's desk. Small but impactful, this desk calendar is perfect to brighten up even the smallest of spaces offering a pop of personality and quick monthly reference. Fresh, fun, and exceptionally stylish, this calendar features a built-in easel and is perfect for display on even the most space-challenged desktop, table, or bookshelf. Challenge yourself throughout the year or give this calendar as a gift to a friend.** EXCLUSIVE title!Dimensions: 5.25 x 6 inHigh quality paperIncludes all major and significant holidaysFeatures daily tear-off sheets and plastic easelNew challenge everydayPerfect gift for any occasionStay organized and on track all year Great for families, students, and professionalsPerfect for your desk at home or in the office!
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