365 New Words Desk Calendar

A joyful year of language for word nerds, crossword and Scrabble buffs, and vocabulary builders of all ages. For word lovers, writers, crossword puzzle addicts, obsessive readers, and Words with Friends fans, 365 New Words-A-Year is the essential calendar ...

365 Sports Facts Desk Calendar

Pure pleasure for the sports fan?and the perfect gift. It?s America?s trusted sports facts calendar, packed with the passion, slam dunks, and breakthroughs that gets every sports fan?s blood pumping. There are amazing feats: Who scored the second-most poi ...

Amazing Trivia Desk Calendar

A year of feeding the brain for trivia hounds, pub quiz devotees, and anyone who delights in knowing it all. A full year of tricky, entertaining questions and unexpected answers, with hundreds of surprising factoids and fascinating tidbits throughout, fro ...

Balloon Txt Wall Calendar

Everything?s better written in balloon form. From acronyms to letters and symbols, these fun balloon features will brighten each month of the year on your wall. Sixteen-month wall calendars feature spacious grids for each month,, printed on paper certifie ...

Bathroom Reader Desk Calendar

Hundreds of absolutely true factoids, bizarre history, and funny crime stories. No one knows wacky like Uncle John?s. Presenting a whole new year of quirky factoids, odd anecdotes, and more weird, wonderful entertainment for the 68 percent of Americans wh ...

Fact or Crap Desk Calendar

Fact or Crap Desk Calendar: It is your call throughout the year as you face hundreds of fascinating fun-filled questions to find out who gets to wear the Fact or Crap crown. Small but impactful, this easel calendar is perfect to brighten up even the small ...

Facts Scare S#*t Out of You Desk Calendar

You may think you?ve read some scary sh*t, but you haven?t seen anything yet! Packed with hundreds of unnerving, super strange facts, this calendar will terrify even the toughest crowd. From learning about the number of microscopic bacteria crawling in an ...

Mensa Brain Puzzlers Desk Calendar

It?ll flip your mind upside down and inside out! Sanctioned by Mensa, the internationally famous high-IQ society, this interactive calendar features hundreds of ingeniously designed cranial conundrums that are like gymnastics for the brain. Try out your n ...

New York Times Crossword Desk Calendar

The New York Times Crossword calendar features a new puzzle on each daily page adapted from the world's most revered source for crosswords. The inventive clues challenge the memory, cleverness, and reasoning and language skills of players every day. Like ...

New York Times Mini Crossword Desk Calendar

The crossword masters at The New York Times offer fresh delights for puzzle lovers with the new mini crosswords-fun puzzles that are quick, easy to solve, and hard to resist. Renowned as clever, one-of-a-kind puzzles, The New York Times Crosswords have en ...

Puzzled Desk Calendar

Put your brain to the test with puzzles of all kinds in the Puzzled Daily Boxed Calendar! The calendar includes 365 days of tear-off sheets, each featuring a new puzzle ranging in difficulty to keep your mind at its sharpest. The puzzle variations include ...

Stuck in the 90sTrivia Desk Calendar

Throw on your plaid flannel shirt, plug in your Walkman, and put your knowledge of the 90s to the test! Do you remember Friends, the O.J. Simpson trial, Monica Lewinsky, Brittany Spears, The Simpsons, Berlin Wall, the Macarena? Questions cover a variety o ...

We Are So Blessed Mini Wall Calendar

A yearlong celebration of God?s grace and the goodwill He lends our lives. We Are So Blessed Mini Calendar delivers twelve inspiring messages with a vibrant visual impact. Brightly colored hand-lettering encourages you to Pray more, worry less. The evenin ...

Whats Your Poo Desk Calendar

From the authors of the bestselling book What's Your Poo Telling You?, this illustrated calendar is packed with medical info, fascinating trivia, and entertaining nuggets about poo, pee, and farts. Happy Poo Year! Small but impactful, this desk calendar i ...

Word a Day Desk Calendar

Are you a fan of crossword puzzles? This entire Day-at-a-Time box calendar filled with a word and definition on each day will help you stretch your vocabulary and complete each puzzle that you tackle. Day-at-a-Time calendars make a perfect gift for someon ...

Word Games Desk Calendar

Do you enjoy word puzzles but get bored with the same old crosswords or word search? With the Word Games Desk Calendar, you can have a new puzzle everyday to enjoy. This calendar is perfect as d‚cor in your home, kitchen, or office and easily helps to ke ...

Word Search Desk Calendar

John Samson has done it again! He brings another year of variety, challenge, and humor to Word Search. This year's calendar includes great themes. With quality materials, versatile topics, and fun and challenging themes, you won't be able to wait until to ...

Words to Make You Sound Smart Desk Calendar

What budding scholar doesn?t dream of debating philosophical precepts with the intelligentsia or locking academic horns with the clerisy? You can do all that?and be the life of every highbrow cocktail party?by mastering the deliciously obscure terms in th ...