Natures Wonders 2024 Mini Wall Calendar

Welcome to the Natures Wonders 2024 Mini Wall Calendar, the perfect way to bring the beauty of nature into your home. Start each month off right when you view any of these stunning photographic landscapes from Turner Photographic. All images are selected for their quality and vibrant colors that will transport you deep into a calming and healing elements of soothing nature. The calendar comes with an easy to use open wire binding (or nails if allowing wall mounting) and is 100% recyclable and plastic free! Discover enjoy natural wonders in your own living spaces throughout the year from lush rainforests with exotic wild creatures to majestic mountains with its captivating sights. It?s almost like being on holidays, from wherever you are, day after day. Hang it cheerfully in your hallway, kitchen or office making even tiny corners more inviting and brighten up your mood as you greet each morning or unwind each evening with nature?s breathtaking views! 12 Month Format; Includes extra months (September December 2023)Premium Quality PhotographyStaple BindingDimensions: 7" x 14" (opened)International Holidays Moon Phases Included100% Plastic FreeEco Friendly; Printed on FSC paper with Soy Ink
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