Unforgettable Senior Moments 2024 Desk Calendar

For anyone of a certain age and everyone prone to mental lapses and bouts of absentmindedness this hilarious calendar is a daily reminder that you're not alone. Here are embarrassing moments, like the time John Singer Sargent was admiring an unsigned painting, only to be reminded he had painted it himself. (He then signed it with the wrong date.) Forgetful would be criminals, like the bank manager who emptied out the vault and started a fire to cover his theft, but who became the prime suspect when his keys were found inside. Plus head scratching headlines, warning labels for the truly scatterbrained, and hilariously relatable quotes: I never forget a face, but in your case, I'll be glad to make an exception. Groucho Marx. Printed on responsibly sourced paper and 100% recyclable.
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