Spike Milligan 2024 Wall Calendar

Spruce up your walls with Spike Milligan's hilarious cartoons with the Spike Milligan wall calendar! Celebrate one of the most renowned comedian, musician, poet and playwright of our time while enjoying the laughter and creative energy of his incredible artwork. This wall calendar features a selection of his most iconic cartoons, and with the datepad you can quickly refer back to previous and next month's views without hassle. High-quality materials ensure that the reproductions stay true to Spike Milligan's original works, giving you the same level of appreciation as experienced in a gallery. Established and developed by Flame Tree Publishing, this wall calendar was crafted with great care, leveraging the meticulous attention to detail from art museums, galleries and artists. Celebrate and appreciate Spike Milligan while helping sustain our environment with a calendar printed on FSC certified paper. Even something as small as adding this to your walls can make a big difference! Give your walls the artistic boost it deserves and experience some of the best Spike Milligan has to offer with the Spike Milligan Wall Calendar.
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