Pokemon 2024 Mini Wall Calendar

Welcome to the magical world of Pokmon with the Nintendo Pokemon 2024 Mini Wall Calendar! Get ready, Trainers for a year of cute, cuddly and fierce Pokmon by your side! This vibrant calendar features 12 months of unique images paired with interesting facts about all your favorite pocket monsters. Small enough to go anywhere you want, but sturdy enough to stick around throughout the entire year this calendar is sure to be your ultimate companion on your journey of discovering all there is to explore in the world of pokemon. With its staple binding, it gives you the convenience of flipping through each month quickly and easily. So what are you waiting for? Grab your Pokeball and start collecting these cuties today! 12 Month Format Premium Quality Artwork Staple Binding Dimensions: 7" x 14" (opened) International Holiday's Moon Phases Included Eco Friendly; Printed on FSC paper
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